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Something new/bad

Something new/bad

Well Ive managed another minor injury during the quest. This time I havent been able to figure out what it is.
I had finished an agressive manual stretching session with no problems and the was 10 mins into a 15 minute wet jelq session when I got a sharp pain at the left base of my shaft, I stopped the session immediatly and now wont restart until ive figured out whats happened.

The pain is still present from time to time and is sharp in nature( although not bad pain) the injury would seem not to be vascular in nature. Ive tried to follow the pain with my hand. It SEEMS to start at the left base side and underneath, it seems to follow the shaft into the body somewhat and then disapear into the scrotum region.

Any thouoghts,I havent been able to come uo with anything with the available anatomy charts, it does feel as though Ive pulled something,dispite the fact I was jelqing when It happened (high erection level-relevent?)

Time for a deconditioning break again.


It might also be worth noting I had tried manual btc stretches for the first time earlier in the session and perhaps too hard for the first time.It just seems to me Ive strained a lig but all the charts show ligs connecting above the penis,Im confused.


This is a wild guess.

Because you were doing manual stretches you were probably giving the internal structures a good pull. Then with your jelqing movements you might have added just enough stress to tear a ligamentous attachment of the crus (leg) of the corpus cavernosum (CC) on that side. You probably know that the erectile structures (CC) are attached to the pelvic bones (see this). I’m guessing this because of the location of the pain (at the base and into the scrotum).

Other thoughts are welcome. In any case, a break sounds like a good idea.

Thanks westla, you read my mind and confirmed what I believed but could not find in research. I believed the cumulative fatigue caused the pull/tear. Causing the injury via jelqing didnt make sense otherwise. I followed what I believed to be a lig as far as I could, seems to me it must attach to the pubic bone somewhere behind the scrotum region. I just couldnt find any diagrams confirming my suspicions.

I believe your analysis to be correct,so whats the rule of thumb as far as healing well concerned? Will this heal stronger or weaker than before?

Thanks so much!


That part of the penis needs to be attached to the bone, so a stronger healing would be nice. But I can’t predict how it will heal. If you leave it alone for a couple weeks it should be strong enough to start stretching again.


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