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Someone please help me. Dark Penis. Scars?

Someone please help me. Dark Penis. Scars?

I’ve posted this before but I’ve never gotten an exact answer and I always end up getting vague replies.

My penis is dark! Especially near the foreskin end! When I retract my foreskin, you can clearly see a line seperating the pinkness from the darkness. It’s an eyesore when I look at it! Having jelqed for around 2 months (inproperly too) and then not being able to stretch has given me a dark penis!

It all happened when I tried to stretch with my foreskin retracted back. I had a pimple or something on my penis and I jelqed regardless of having that. Oh yeah well anyways, I stretched for 5 minutes and I let go. Before you knew it, I had a shit load of PURPLE DARK dots on my penis. Not red, but PURPLE! I jelqed aswell and I noticed that the area where the pimple was got red. Now, I stopped PE for a couple of days and I noticed that I had kind like a few bumps of skin on my penis near the foreskin area. When I jelq everytime those bumps get filled up with blood and red dots appear where the purple dark spots did.

This is scaring the shit out of me! Sometimes, when my penis is cold and limp, you can really notice the damaged skin area as the dots of skin turn whitish. I’m scared, my skin is dark and I haven’t gained shit! :(

Is there any cure for my injury? So far I’ve lost in PE but haven’t won.

You have to stop your PE exercises and give the area plenty of time to heal. While you are doing that, continue to hot wrap and use gentle techniques to bring fresh oxygenated blood into the area, but not forcefully. Time will heal this, and hot wraps will help with the circulation.

What about the darkness? :(

The darkness is deoxygenated blood that is trapped and stagnated. That is why you must encourage fresh oxygenated blood flow into the area to “pink” it up again. That is why the hot wraps and massaging or any technique you can think of to encourage blood flow, but not stretching or high pressure jelqing. The blood became trapped there because of burst capillaries and now they must heal.


How goes your member? Did gprents advice help? Did you follow it or did you just leave it alone and stop PE? I had the same problem when I started, Being over zealous in my efforts as a newbie. But, that is how I curred myself of the same thing.

I feel like a little bity worm on a great big hook.

I have a “dark spot” kinda cemented.

It came when i had a hairsack inflammation.
And then ofcourse i picked the skabs to frequent.

Now its there, have been there for almost half a year now.

(Hi jacking abit)
Anyone knows how to remove a red dot on your nose?
I have a spot thats been there for ages.

Im thinking about bruising the whole nose, and hopefully
when the scabs are all gone, so will the spot be?

What do ya think?


I think a dermatologist can take care of that for you. Probably with a little laser treatment or something.

Originally Posted by gprent101

I think a dermatologist can take care of that for you. Probably with a little laser treatment or something.

I know but that costs alot… I mean, really alot! :D
But that might be the only way…

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