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Small water blister on glans

Small water blister on glans

I have been using an ADS silicone sleeve for about a week to prevent turteling. I’ve been wearing it fort 8 - 10 hours a day without problems.

Yesterday after wearing it for 4 hours I decided to tie a soft string on it and wrap the string around my leg to add some tension and try a little stretching. After 5 hours I removed it and found a small (less than 1/8 inch diameter) water blister on the tip of the glans. Apparently the tension on the end of the sleeve created a vacuum that caused the blister. I woke up this morning and the blister was gone, just slightly sore to the touch.

It is now 24 hours without any PE and no discomfort.: 1) Has anyone experienced this with an ADS silicone sleeve?

2) Is 24 hours enough time to let it heal?

Yes I have and it’s common. If you want to continue I would use the approach of checking every 1/2 hour and if all looks good continue and move up to an hour of checking time.

It’s tender there so I would take it slow.

Thanks Phalus, I will follow your advice


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