small round cut on glands from stretching

Hello all. I recently altered my program to make it a bit more effective in the length area. I am uncut, so I pull the skin back, wrap a small amount of tolit paper around the glands for grip, and stretch. I was having a bit of pain yesterday, and noticed I had a red area on the glands, that looked like I had pulled some skin off or made a small cut. This is my first PE injury. I stretch in the morning and pump and uli in the evening. Should I just stop stretching or should stop all PEing for now? If so, for how long and what will help speed the healing process? Thanks

Trying to live up to my username! 6/9/04 BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75 2/28/05 BPEL: 6.5 EG: 4.75 4/17/05 BPEL: 6.625 EG: 4.875