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Small Hard Lump

Small Hard Lump

So I was edging today and I noticed on the top of my shaft about mid way I felt a very small hard bump. Almost like a grain of rice. It doesn’t really move and stays fixed underneath my skin. I don’t recall ever doing anything to acquire an injury other than maybe a year ago when I first used a bib hanger I got some pretty noticable edema after a session followed by some numbness. It doesn’t really hurt but wondering if there’s something I can do to remedy the issue. Any input appreciated.

Start/Current: BPFSL - 8"/9", BPEL - 7.5"/8.25", NBPEL - 7"/7.75", MSEG - 5.5"/6"

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Also I can only feel it when erect.

Start/Current: BPFSL - 8"/9", BPEL - 7.5"/8.25", NBPEL - 7"/7.75", MSEG - 5.5"/6"

All time goal: 9.5"x6.5"

Could it be a cist?

I don’t think so. It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s literally located on the very top center of my shaft around mid shaft where the dorsal vein would run. It’s very small and hard but only can be felt when erect. I’ve heard of some people massaging in order to break up theirs so curious if it’s something similar. Almost feels a little like scar tissue. Also since that incident I feel like my sensation hasn’t quite been the same and my glans doesn’t inflate like it used to. Could be completely unrelated but considering it’s where my dorsal nerve is I’m wondering if there could be a coorelation.

Start/Current: BPFSL - 8"/9", BPEL - 7.5"/8.25", NBPEL - 7"/7.75", MSEG - 5.5"/6"

All time goal: 9.5"x6.5"

Dorsal nerve is located more on the side, I think.

Dorsal nerve is only slightly lateral to the midline. Could be some minor lymph vessel damage which resulted in a tiny bit of scar tissue. In any case it should not affect EQ at all. Physiologic effects you perceive are psychological because you are worried. Leave it alone for a month. Don’t push or massage it. If it increases in size see an MD immediately. If it is staying the same, wait out the month and see a doctor then.

Originally Posted by NeverEnough9

my glans doesn’t inflate like it used to.

NeverEnough9, do you still hang weights? You might be putting to much pressure on the head of your penis during your work outs, for it not to be inflating properly .This has been the case for me. Take some time off and let it rest. Also, do your glans feel cold?

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Get this checked out. Often the first sign of PD is a small, hard lump and it doesn’t have to be right on the side.

Please don't call over training on me- I owe him a lifetime of rest days.

If its not attached to skin but on/in the penis and considering your story about the hanger. It sounds like scar tissue.
If it doesnt cause you problems and stays that size then yo ucan leave it.

If it changes you should use Anti inflammatorys and use stuff to dissolve fibrous plagues.
Also if any injury is happening right away use anti inflammatorys and keep circualtion high(without straining)

It could be a variety of issues, but if you’re that concerned about it, why don’t you visit a urologist and verify that everything is fine? They’ll likely be able to assist you in diagnosing what the bump is, and whether or not it’s just a slight abnormality, scar tissue, nerve, or something that could be harmful. It’s what I would do quite frankly and it will give you more peace of mind.

I have the same thing for some months now I went to my urologist and he said that it is nothing.. Who knows .

My observation is that it doesn’t affect erections or something .

Dicker is right use anti-inflammatorys maybe will solve it well I have them but I don’t use them I think they need prescription and they are kinda strong .I would suggest you go see an urologist and tell us what he said about it!

I have the same thing, too. It’s a little hard lump that appeared on the part of my foreskin that covers the frenulum. I have a lot of bumps on the underside of my shaft, but this one seemed to pop up out of nowhere and is more noticeable than the others. I too noticed it after edging. It must be some kind of inflammation, or something. You are definitely not alone.

Mine turned out to be a pimple, a white head.

NeverEnough, did you ever resolve this issue? What was the outcome? I believe I have precisely the same condition, I’d be interested in knowing what it was/what happened.


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