small haematoma on penis after hanging session.

I’ve been hanging consistently for about a month slowly increasing the weight applied to my penis.

I worked my way up from 4 to 8 pound in one to two hours set -with pause- feeling nothing but a stinging pain on my overextended skin. I never forgotten once to warm up the groin area -rarely my shaft and it might I have been the cause of my demise-

Yesterday, after five 20 minutes set of btc hanging -uncomfortable as usual but far from excruciating pain- I discovered on my shaft at the end of the final set a small haematoma, approximately 0.2 inch big -0.4 inch at worst.
I felt nothing out of the ordinary, i heard no sound warning me of something going wrong. As I untied my penis from my hanger, it was just there, black already as if something had quietly ruptured during my session.

It goes without saying that I immediately stopped working, rushed to my fridge and applied some ice on and off for roughly 2 or 3 hours on the blackened spot. I also used arnica to help healing the wound.
I didn’t try to get an erection either for obvious reason. still my dick retained good color and normal warmth.

Even though some of will think I should have, I didn’t go to a physician to rule out the possibility of a “”. I am still hoping this is nothing more than burst capillary. Anyways, I’ll eventually know it when I end up with a crooked dick.

I came here instead both to document a case of hanging gone wrong and ask for information from people with the same injury.

I won’t stop hanging in the meantime, at least for no more than a week, I will simply change the angle to avoid stressing the wounded part of my dick.

Here is the wound, i am speaking of, don’t confuse with the dark pimple on the end of the shaft. it’s the black spot near by the base of my dick.

In the coming days, I’ll post again pic of my penis.

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