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Skin Sensitivity on penis

Skin Sensitivity on penis

For about three weeks now have loss of skin sensitivity right under the glands. The skin is discolored and seems plump. This seems to have happened after a stretching session. It’s weird my penis seems to hang lower but I have a big decrease in sensitivity and my eq is poor. I am trying to stay away from masturbation because I don’t want to see if whatever it is I damaged heals. Could it be nerve or tissue damage? Did I ruin circulation right under the glands from stretching? This is very annoying.

Skin sensitivity? Not glans sensitivity, right? If this is the case, I think it’s just physiologic: your skin is becoming thicker, adapting to stressor. Your EQ is low because stretches do cause a low EQ sometimes; if it is really an issue, take some days off.

I have taken a couple weeks off lol. I am wondering if nerve damage or vein damage has caused the decreased sensitivity because of the stretches.

Nerve damage would cause less sensitivity in the glans. However, see a Doc: it could be good to avoid anxiety.

I have recently experienced sex as well as a blow job for the first time. Although I appreciated the new experience I was a bit let down. I have been doing Jelq and pumping fairly routinely and I am wondering if doing these has led to a loss in sensitivity. I am able to masturbate just fine with great sensitivity. I am going to try laying off the exercises for a while to see if that helps. This sucks because I just ordered a new sized pump and a head pump. I will also work with my girl to show her how I stimulate myself. She may have just been going easy on the pressure the first time. I don’t know how to make intercourse more enjoyable except to go faster and harder unless she can squeeze me.

I unfortunately don’t know what I started out with but I have been doing PE for at least 3 years with varying consistency. I currently measure BPEL 7 1/2” EG 6” routinely. I began to work at breaking through this plateau but now I am worried about sensitivity. Has anyone else had this problem?

On a side note the girl is really amazing. She has a great body and didn’t have any problem taking all of me. She tells me that the size is really working for her as it hits all the right places. She has been with other guys and as far as I know the only other guy that was around my size was her ex-husband. When she first felt it when we were playing around she made a comment that my penis would make a lot of women happy and that it needs to be shared. I guess she gets to be the lucky one.

I had the same expectations and let downs with my first blow job after peing, did your sensitivity ever come back?

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