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skin rubbed raw, how do I heal it fast

skin rubbed raw, how do I heal it fast

Ok, my problem is that the skin near my glans is pretty much rubbed raw on one side. I have taken about a week off PE and it is getting better, but i am affraid when I start PE again, it will just come right back. I really hate taking time off PE. Does anyone know what I can use to keep this healed or to heal it faster. I have been trying triple antibiotic ointment, it isnt doing the trick in time. Any advice?


Hey Larry, I used to have the same problem the best thing I know of is just give it time. Mine went away after I believe 3 weeks.


Larry, give it time. It is like any other abrasion on the body, it has to heal on its own time. There is little you can do to speed up the process. Using the antibodic cream is good as it will help prevent any nasty little germies that want to attack from doing so. So whether or not you want to give it a rest, give it a rest.

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Ok, I do not like the idea of taking time off. I appreciate your posts though. I guess I will give it more time, my girth is wanning away when I am not doing PE, it is sort of depressing. Do you guys think it would be ok to start hanging while I am waiting to start the other kinds of PE?

you cant really go wrong with cocoa butter, it works on most stuff. tea tree oil also heals cuts faster than anything ive ever seen.


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