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--Skin on penis literally 'tearing'--

--Skin on penis literally 'tearing'--

Hey, I have a problem that has been reoccuring for a while now. I’ve noticed that the skin on the shaft of my penis, near the glans, is literally tearing. This happens after masterbation, however, I use lubrication and I am not pressing hard (nor do I have sharp nails).

It is always in the same spot, my guess is that it happened the first time from no lube & pressing too hard, and now there is a soft spot.

How do I solve this? It is quite annoying and fear it could be a problem in the future. Thanks

I think a bit more information is needed. Are you circumcised? Is this tearing on the top, side or bottom? Does the tear run around the shaft or along the length?

It may take changing your masturbation grip or using more/different lube or just stop touching it for a couple weeks.

I am not circumcised, the tearing is on the bottom. It runs around the shaft. What is the problem? I don’t masterbate often, so I don’t know why just one session would cause such an injury.

Could someone please respond?

You may be tearing the frenulum. I’m not circumcised either, and I had this problem. Too little skin for the expansion and action going on. Eventually, it tore enough that there isn’t a stress any longer.

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Critter - Can you pull the foreskin back over the head? If not, that is probably the problem and it’s called partial phimosis. Trying to force the opening of the foreskin to stretch could cause it to tear. Is that what’s happening?

Westla, it does not seem that way. I can and always could pull the foreskin completely back (off) the head without any problem, I can also pull it forward (stretch it across) the head.

Hopefully my problem is the same as J7158.

Obviously we can’t diagnose problems, but it sounds like you may have frenulum breve or a short frenulum which keeps the foreskin from completely retracting on the underside. You may need to see a urologist for treatment. Don’t, however, let him talk you into a circumcision. A frenuloplasty can release the tightness and prevent further tearing.

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