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Skin itchyness

Skin itchyness

I have been experiencing a lot of skin itchiness on my penis. Someone suggested that I might have jock itch.

I have begun using “Lotrimin ultra” jock itch cream. The active ingredient is Butenafine hydrochloride at a concentration of 1%. I use as directed.

I had been applying a lot of oils and lotions to my penis to combat the soreness caused by skin stretching. My penis was wet almost 24 hrs a day.

I don’t know if I had/have jock itch or not. The constant wetness may have caused/contrubited to the problem, what ever it was/is.

Anyway, I am keeping that area a lot cleaner and dryer. I am also using the medication. The condition seems to be greatly improving.


I developed a heinous case of jock itch a year back, while living at the beach. In the end, vinegar & nudism cured it. Previous to that, I tried wearing looser clothing, talcum powder, and gold bond medicated powder. After about a month, I got the idea of trying the vinegar. By that point, my skin was cracking and peeling. It was ugly.

But not nearly as ugly as after I applied the vinegar. Or as painful. Pretty much every part of my skin that was starting to host the itch fungus was liquified. Not wanting to sabotage such an unpleasant treatment, I went ahead and went full nudist for the period to stay maximally dry. I also made certain to apply the vinegar all around the affeted area, not just where I could feel or see the itchy skin. I went with 2 or 3 treatments a day to keep the fungus from restarting. After about a week of this, the itch was pretty much all gone. The next week my skin started healing.

It was an extreme treatment, but in the end, it worked. Just earlier this week I accidentally used the same shower towel as a houseguest, and soon after… itching again. This time I went straight for the vinegar before it got any worse, before the skin started to crack or peel. It didn’t hurt nearly so badly this time. As for results, that has yet to be seen.

deSol, what kind of vinegar did you use??

Penismith, are there any visible signs of damage?

Certain patches on my dick were itching for a while, because of an injury I inflicted upon myself - severe bruising which turned to scabs, which then formed very dry patches of skin which itched like crazy at certain times, like when I got in the shower.

I think it was just a matter of time for the damaged tissue to heal though, as it doesn’t itch anymore, although the skin is still a little dry…

I have been having this problem also. I have been using Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment to my penis and balls.I leave it on all night and the following day until I shower. The whiteness gets on your shorts but washs off. You look like a white knight. If it does not clear up in a few days or week, I would suggest a visit to your doctor to check it out.


I quit all PE and it cleared up completely. There does not appear to be any scaring or anything like that.
I think the skin became inflamed because of the girth work I was doing. I might have been stretching it too fast.
I have started PE again, more girth work and I have noticed the beginning signs of what I experienced before. I think it is key to take breaks at the fist signs of soreness because it takes a long time to heal after you pass a certain point.


Blame the lubricant perhaps.

It’s True. I guess this is my first post on this forum. I just wanted to note that this is probably the most informative and helpful, not to mention probably the only PE forum out there. I started PE on Nov. 30th, and results have been pretty good thus far. Anyways, back to the topic of that skin itchyness, I just wanted to note that there are some lubricants that I have tried that simply don’t work well with my penis. For 3 years, my main choice for lubrication was the unscented Lubriderm lotion. however, 2 months before I started PE’ing, everytime I used this lotion, my penis would become extremely itchy the next day. After scratching the hell out of it in my sleep, tiny bumps would show up on my penis and eventually my penis would peel where the itchy bumps were. It wasn’t an STD, as I had it checked out. This just goes to show that some lubes might have a different reaction for certain people. And the itchyness might not be due to the fact that you guys are PE’ing. I’ve recently switched to Vaseline, and have noticed that the itchy penis syndrome is no longer present.


Hello and welcome to the board. Thank you for the input, this kind of info can be amongst the most useful.

For me, I am pretty sure it was the skin stretching that caused most of the inflammation. I temporarily increase my girth by quite a bit with my routine.


I keep getting the same problem from doing girth work. My doctor prescribed desonide cream which clears things up quick, but will cause thinning of the skin in the long run. I had all the symptoms that penismith was naming. And I am forced to take yet another break cause of this rash.



I also had what sounds like very similar symptoms. I don’t know whether it was a case of jock itch, but a quick rub with Canestan (clotrimozole 1%) soon had it sorted. I also got rid of the bumps and itching very quickly by traction wrapping, before I tried the cream.

I found out about Thundersplace in late May and started doing PE right away. I worked to a routine of mostly pumping and jelqing for about 40 minutes, and then wearing the Penimaster for about 3- 5 hours a day. For lubrications, I use baby oil. That was something I learned from a paid website 3 years ago. Except for the soreness from over working it, I never really had any problems until this week. For the last two days, I notice that I am developing itchy toad warts at the base of my shaft. I decided to stop using the Penimaster this week, because it was just interfering with my free bodily movement too much. I think this may have cause my itchy toad warts, because once I am done with my morning routine of jelqing and pumping, I simply use a warm wet towel to clean the oil. It never cleans it completely. The penimaster was helping me keep it dry by keeping my penis stretched, especially the underside too because I use the penismaster upward. This kept it fungus free. The underside was where I notice the toad warts first. Except for some discoloration, I have never experienced that before. It all started because I stopped using the penimaster. I think I am going to go back to the penimaster just for that, plus I am going to take measures to thoroughly clean it with soap and water when I am done jelqing and pumping in the morning. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this before? Thank you.

It’s been about a couple of weeks since my post about Toad like warts on my shaft. Since then I have come to a better understanding of what caused them. I think it’s my over zealousness in using my pump. Since I began wrapping below the gland, to prevent a donut effect, I have pumped up to 7.5 hg. This has somehow caused some damage within the skin, and it ruptures easily in bumps like spots. I haven’t used the pump in awhile now, and the bumps have disappeared. The other day, I light tried pumping at 5 hg for 10 minutes, and it reappeared again. My lesson from this is that do not pump at higher than 5 hg, because I never had a problem until I started experimenting at 7 hg pressure.

Hi duke616,

I think we may be pursuing similar routines - you pump, so do I. You’ve been using a penimaster, and I use the AndroPenis. If you don’t mind my inquiry, how long have you been at this particular combination and what results have you seen so far? Sorry about the bumps - let’s hope that issue will stabilize and go away.

All the Best,


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