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skin burns!!!

skin burns!!!

i usually do the pe excercises when i shower, and after jelqing or stretching (v-stretch), when water touches the skin, it burns! is it normal? i dunno how much skin i sloughed off from jelqing.

The shower is one of the worst places to do PE. Soap is a bad lube and water isn’t slick enough. Your skin burned because you rubbed yourself raw. If you must do it in the shower, get some baby oil or KY jelly, and stay out of the water while you jelq so it all doesn’t wash off. For now, stop until you grow a new layer of skin!

is there any gels or creams that’ll make it heal faster? i try to use aloe gel for sunburns, i dunno if it’ll work

Gold Bond

I’ve had skin soreness from all day hanging. The stretching was making the skin red and tender.

I started using GoldBond Triple Acting Medicated Powder (green bottle). It works great and now I use it everyday and have no soreness.

Interestingly, its active ingredient is Zinc Oxide.

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