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Should I stop PEing once and for all?

Should I stop PEing once and for all?

This morning was a very sad one. 1,5 of a month ago, after doing mini-jelgs I noticed several blood drops on the bottom of my shower cabin. I wrote about on this forum. I did as most of you adviced - I stop doing PE for a several weeks (actually, for a whole month) and started again just few day ago. This time I was very easy on my say, performing PE in a most delicate way possible. On first day of my come back I did only 40 jelqs. Then I gave myself two days off. On the fourth day I performed my second routine - 5 minutes of warm-up, around 60 delicate jelqs and 5 minutes of ‘warm-down’. Again, two days off.

Today, is the seventh day, the third session of my routine. I did around 80 jelqs and there was no blood around, but during the whole session I felt a strange discomfort in my glans (although I didn’t touch it at all, my jelq strokes end much below the head). Then I started masturbating, as I always do to get an erection. Usually I’m edging too (but I never late myself ejaculate just after a PEing), but this time my penis felt ‘too awkward’ and this feeling of discomfort made me quite stressed, so I couldn’t enjoy myself enough to get to the point when I would have to ejaculate. Meanwhile, I spotted some strange black drop on the bottom of the cabin - I checked it out and it was blood, but in a rather half-solid state and unusally dark. Actually, it looked black before I scratched/smeared (sorry for my English, I’m not a native) it.

After a while I urinated and there was no blood in my urine, but I constatly feel this discomfort in my glans.

This case really gets on my nerves as I’m a big fan of PE and I’m not satisfied with my size, on the other hand I don’t want to injure my penis so that it won’t be of any use to me in the future.

I would be very grateful for any piece of advice on this matter. Did anyone have similar experiences?

PS. Doctors in Poland don’t care about you, unless you pay them heavily and at the moment I don’t have enough cash to see a private specialist.

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Blood from penis is not good! I would stop for a few months. Then start back with kegals and progress from there. I wish you a speedy recovery.

Is the blood coming form your urethra or a scratch or dingy on your head?

There is no visual external injury, so I guess it has to come from the urethra, but I haven’t seen it ‘coming’ yet. That is, I always see the drops only when already dropped. The blood is always coagulated. I could found blood neither in my urine nor in my semen. So far, it happened only after two particular sessions of PEing. Other sessions were fine.

Also, I could describe this discomfort as some kind of itching or pressure on the right side of my glans (on the left side I feel nothing). This is constant. Sometimes I feel some discomfort in my penis, on the right side of the base of it (there is some visually apparent vein in this place) as well.

That second discomfort happens only in a flacid state. During my erection my penis feels fine, only the opening of my urethra itches a bit (as I stated before, it is a perpetual feeling but not very acute - the more I think about it the more I feel it, but when I watching an interesting movie or am focused on my studies I don’t notive it at all).

Furthermore, I tend to have problems with urinating from time to time. It’s either the problem with the start (once I start peeing everything is fine) or the end (after peeing and getting out of WC I automatically feel a need to pee again, but when I come back, only a few drops come out). Sometimes, I have to urinate only 2o minutes after drinking water. My bladder also seems to be allergic to cold - when my feets are cold, I instantly feel the pressure to urinate.

The problems mentioned in the penultimate paragraph may not have anything to do with the PE and blood drops, as I’ve had them since I started my puberty.

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Maybe you have some kind of circulation problem.

Do you think those blood drops could be from something completely different. I say this because:

1.) You say it’s only happened twice and not every time you PE.
2.) You can’t find the source.
3.) The blood is coagulated when you touch it.

Are you sure it’s not someone else? Do you live with other people?

I mean there’s going to be some blood residue from where ever it came from. If you can’t find a source on your body then maybe it’s blood from someone else.

As far as the discomfort goes, there is a bit of soreness that comes with PEing. It’s shouldn’t ever be enough to cause an issue though. If your feeling very specific pains in certain areas then maybe your technique is a little off, maybe your squeezing to hard, or maybe you just have a sensitive dick. I’ve had a few friends that had very sensitive genitals. I personally can handle mine pretty rough without much pain. Everyone is different and needs to adjust their routine to those differences.

I would investigate the source of the blood before giving up on the PEing. Mean while either take a short break or just easy up on the PE routine.

Yes, I live with my parents (I’m 19), but the source of blood is definitely my body, as I always clean the cabin before I go under the shower.

As for the sensitivity, that perhaps is the case, since my skin on whole body is generally vey sensitive. E. g. my scrotum is so sensitive, that touching it is sometimes more pleasurable to me than masturbating.

Yet, the ‘pain’ in my glans is of a completely different kind and it really feels as if there was sth inside my urethra blocking this tunnel (clot?). Or maybe the walls of my urethra are just a bit scratched and this pain pulsates, so I feel it as if the area of discomfort was bigger than it is.

It is quite interesting that you mentioned it could be a problem with my blood circulation. The middle and the ring fingers on my left hand go “white” when I’m outside and it’s very cold. When I come back I have to wait sometimes more than 10 minutes, before my fingers have normal colour again… On the other hand, I have always had this problem (I think it’s called the Raynaud’s phenomenon), while bleeding penis is sth completely new to me.

Yeah that’s some bad circulation. It might have something to do with your bleeding. Not sure though. They could be clots but you would definitely feel them as you passed them. Do some research on passing kidney stones. Also I don’t know if you do, but smoking kills your circulation. If you have a pre-existing circulation problem I wouldn’t add smoking to it (if you do actually smoke that is).

No, I neither smoke nor drink alcohol. But my mother smokes a lot, however she smokes in another room. Anyway, that circulation problem might be an entirely independent matter. My heart was tested several times and they couldn’t find anything. But public doctors in Poland are terrible and I don’t trust them. For a private clinic I have no money, at least until I find myself a proper job.

Yeah, I guess I will have to deal with it as usual, that is hope for my problems to disappear on their own or miserably live with them. Life’s a lottery and I won’t change it…

We all have an opinion but I don’t think any of us are urologists. Your choices at this point seem pretty simple:

1) Stop PE altogether and hopefully have a functioning penis though it will be one that you are not happy with.

2) Continue with PE and focus on the abundance of exercises you can do…except jelqing.

However, it sounds like there is some form of a physiological condition that requires attention.

This thread made me feel nauseous. What a cabin? Blood at all down their is not a good sign what so ever. I used to bleed like when I started masturbating, doing it under a cover or something I guess the foreskin got caught, felt awesome though. Since I don’t know what you mean by a cabin I can’t give you a good answer but I would just stop until you’re older. You’re still young, don’t fuck your dick up yet. Maybe in a few years your problem will of sorted it self out and since you can’t pay for a doctor theirs not much else you can do other than search google with symptoms. People with a healthy penis don’t bleed though. Is you’re foreskin quite tight? I had that problem and this may be where the blood comes from especially since you said the feeling is in your glands.

@up: By the cabin I mean a SHOWER CABIN, just as it is clearly stated in the 2nd sentence of my first post. ;)

And no, I haven’t injured my foreskin, the blood drops came from the urethra. Anyway, I stopped PEing and won’t start again until I earn enough cash to go and see a specialist.

Meanwhile, my penis feels much better, there were no more bleeding. I have been checkin my underwear, my urine and my semen since then and seen no sign of blood whatsoever. I hope this means my willy is on a “road to recovery”. ;)

Nevertheless, thank you guys for all your useful pieces of advice.

Have you had your prostate checked?

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When I first started to jelq a year ago I had blood from my penis on a couple of occasion! I assumed I was jelqing to hard at that time, so I eased up on the pressure but continued to jelq.

I did have blood on occasion after but only a few drops and very rarely!

This only occurred in the first month or so

These days I can jelq as hard as I want and no blood ever!

I just chalked it up to conditioning of the penis and no underlying problems!!

BTW when I did get blood I still continued my routine, just eased up on the grip!!

@mrlenght: No, I havent.

@brian2034: Thanks for your input, it is indeed quite inspiring! Maybe my case will be similar.

I was a bit too anxious before, as it was just after the depressing event and my emotions didn’t cool off. I also have that stupid characteristic that I always like to find other problems when only one occures. I hope that my occasional problems with urinating, as well as my heart issues are a different kettle of fish from that bleeding. I prefer to think that I have a few slender problems with my health that to assume a chance of having a larger underlying condition covering all the symptoms.


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