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Should I see urologist to get another cut?

Should I see urologist to get another cut?

I think I had a bad circumcision job when I was a kid. There’s a small amount of tissue left (3/16” long, 1/8” wide) connecting the glands and the end of the shaft on the upper left of my dick. It’s a bit like the frenulum, except it’s hollow. Does anyone know what it is? Should I get it removed by an urologist or just leave it alone?

The correct terminology should be skin bridge.


I had two of those on one side, one 1/4” wide and the other 1/8” wide. I got them removed 4 weeks ago under general anesthesia. The scarring from it is not gone yet and bumps where stitches were on the circ scar are not completely flattened out.

When those things resolve, it will definitely look much better than it did preop, very close to normal probably. Maybe I should use mederma or something of that nature to speed that up. Anyway, yours doesn’t sound as severe and healing may be faster if you get it done.

I got it removed recently. Now there’s a small pimple like keloids on the corona. My derm injected cortizone to flatten it. He said it may take a few shots to flatten it to minimum.

Cool, I should go to a derm or something to get mine fixed up, still doesn’t look how I want it.

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