Sharp or stinging pain when jelquing

It seems I’ve got myself some sort of injury.

It first happened about three weeks ago while doing a dry jelq stroke and felt like something stung me inside the shaft on the right side. Actually it wasn’t THAT painful, but an uncomfortable sensation nonetheless. I’ve been jelquing for about three months beforehand with no problem. Of course I stopped immediately and then didn’t do any PE for two weeks. The first following days I had some split second pains in the same area at random times without touching the unit. Not sure if it was real or imaginary.

Four days ago I resumed PE and the first day went fine but on the second the pain was back (I could even feel it when doing a very light stretch).

My own conclusion is that I accidentally used too much force all tough I wasn’t trying to strangle my penis in any way.

Everything else has been fine regarding EQ and other PI:s, but I’m going to take another break and hope it heals.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?


My routine only consists of warmup, 5x30 sec stretches and 150-250 jelqs.