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Serrapeptase and Peyronie's disease

Serrapeptase and Peyronie's disease

I was recently researching Serrapeptase for a friend with liver disease, and I came across this on under testimonials for this
Doctor’s Best High Potency Serrapeptase (120,000 Units);
5.0 out of 5 starsUnexpected benefit
By sushiguyus on November 21, 2012
Size: 90 count Verified Purchase
Upon discovering that my carotid arteries were 40 percent blocked, I began taking 120,000 SEU of Serrapetase daily. After about six weeks, it became apparent that Serrapeptase was effectively curing my Peyronie’s disease! This was a totally unexpected result, but it made sense. The ability of Serrapeptase to dissolve scar tissue was doing the “impossible.” Medical science offers no cure for Peyronie’s disease other than surgery, which is never more than partially successful. Serrapeptase will do what medical science cannot, and do it relatively fast. At last, there is a cure for Peyronie’s disease!


This is a “systemic enzyme”, which is a capsule of a type of enzyme that breaks down scar tissue throughout the body. It is not a specific application but will break down scar tissue everywhere in the body. It is usually not fast, but slow and steady.

I have used Serrapeptase before myself and found it very effective to dissolve scar tissue, but I never thought of using it this way, but it makes perfect sense. If any of you guys decide to try it for Peyronies, let us know what kind of results you get. In my opinion, combining it with mild force stretching or pumping may be even more effective. This is an ingested capsule that needs to be taken on a completely empty stomach for it to work.

Good luck!

Thanks for posting that sparkyx.

I have just spent the last hour researching Serrapeptase and I can see that it might be very useful for people who engage in PE, particularly those who have pushed themselves too hard for too long.

I wonder if it may also be useful in increasing EQ in older men; perhaps in combination with Coenzyme Q10?

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The intake of Serrapeptase can be enhanced by combining the enzyme Nattokinase. Scar tissue in Peyronie’s disease is the accumulation of fibrin. Nattokinase will assist in breaking down the fibrin.


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