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Sensitivity and EQ

Sensitivity and EQ

Has any of you guys used “man oil” for helping with erections an sensitivity?An does it work?

Never heard of it, but it sure is expensive. I would try some regular hand/body lotion before I went for that man oil stuff.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I think I found what you are talking about. Is it called Man 1 Man Oil? It seems like a moisturizer for the penis from the site I found.

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Yeah, I already read up on it, just wondering if anyone has tried it.

They used to sell it off the back of wagons, it was called snake oil then, don’t waste your money.

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That’s a pretty expensive moisturiser. If you have problems with dryness, I would have thought Palmer’s Cocoa Butter or any number of reasonably priced alternatives would do just as good a job.

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“Memento” Dryness not the problem, its my EQ an sensitivity, an this stuff. Man oil claims to help bring it back , so wondered if anyone had any luck with this stuff.

Can we dig into the problem a bit?

You have low sensitivity, right? If so how long has it been going on and was there a cause or have you always been that way?

With regard to EQ, jelqing and kegels should help a lot with that. Even kegels on their own. Edging is also a good exercise. Sometimes EQ has to do with your age, your diet, stress, the amount you masturbate. All these things and more can make a difference. So where do you notice your EQ as being a problem and do you live the kind of life that’s going to cause you problems.

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When I first picked up jelqing two years ago, gave me great EQ. Started picking up stretches ,ulis. Had pretty good EQ before all this. So the two years go by with great EQ. So I pick up clamping. Did for about a month. An in this time I went from 1 five minute set a day, To 10 minute 1 set a day. Submerged in a hot bath. Great gains came. But I noticed my EQ started to drop. So I cut back an took day on day off. With just 5 minute clamps.

Well one day clamping I got like huge from that clamp session. From there after my EQ has never been the same dropped to 80%. An takes a bit of stimulation just to get to that. Less sensitivity to I notice. Took a month off didn’t do shit. So I started back up just jelqing for like five minutes every other day, an it just drains me . So now I’m breaking again ,going on third week now. Don’t get morning woods like much at all ,an if I do it like 50%.guess taken a long break here is all I can do. But I would like to no what the hell I did to myself, nerve damage are what? An if so is there anything to help speed up the healing process.

To me this sounds a lot like you’ve done some nerve damage. This pattern has been reported by quite a few people. Nerves take a long time to fix themselves and it doesn’t help with EQ if your sensitivity is down and you are worrying about the damage you’ve done.

You could hope to be back to full sensitivity within 3 months but, I’d give even light PE a rest. Maybe just a little edging (blood flow is good but damaging already damaged stuff is bad).

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Same here ,that’s what I thought nerve damage. Will this heal for sure? Are am I screwed. I’m not doing PE ,till I least feel my EQ come back to 90%.

Seems to in cases where people have done this before. You could be different but it’s not time to start worrying now.

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Not too worried about it. But I’ve been pro longing sex with my woman ,cause she will question me why it s taken so long for her to get me up an why I can’t get that hard, so I hope I get better soon here. Cause I’m affraid she will acuse me of cheating are something, who nos.

I hope your recovery goes well.

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Thanks guy.

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