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scared about veins

scared about veins

I had been pumping some off and on, and all of a sudden, one day I noticed a few veins look like their going to explode out of my penis. It has been scaring me, because with that I have an ache feeling with my left testicle. I am wondering if the ache has to do with my vasectomy from years ago… never had it before. I have not pumped for quite a few weeks but the veins are still really pronounces, and with an erection they are right against the skin. Any one ever had this before?

I thought it may be due to a blockage and was taking aspirin to see if it would clear up. I forgot to mention I had a swelled up are which felt like it was on the cord to my testicle but not on the testicle itself. It has diminished but still there slightly. any ideas

Your veins aren’t going to explode. How much pressure were you using?

I was not using much pressure, I have been pumping by mouth pressure and felt no pain and was using very moderate pressure. The swelled up area (felt like it was on the cord to the testicle) has gone down over the last three days and is very small now. My wife had ten days of keflex (antibiotic) x 500 milligrams x 4 per day and I just finished those up. I was also taking with the antibiotic 400 mg of aspirin x 3 per day (morn, afternoon, evening) in case it was blood clotting. My blood was so thin (I got cut and took forever to stop) I think that accentuated the veins sticking out some. I backed off to the lowest I could find 81 mg of ibuprofen per day and will continue that.

Have any of you had a blood clot or lymph node swell you can tell me about for comparison?

Pump has a gauge?

No gauge, but I have been pumping off and on and jelquing for about 2 years with no issues till now. My wife is asking about sex… is this a bad idea until I heal? Someone mentioned earlier about 4-6 weeks if this area was a blood clot.

from what I can tell, the growth in my scrotum was a large blood clot. it has totally subsided, but I have an occassional ache in the groin area but my ligaments feel really tight, especially with an erection. veins are still really pronounced in the penis shaft.

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