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Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue


First of all I wanna ask sorry if I post this here. I know it’s off topic and should be in Injuries Thread, but even tho I’m registered since 2 months I can’t post but here, still not sure why (any clarification will be well accepted).

To make this quick, I’ve done JP90 for 4 months.

Jelqing wasn’t a problem since I didn’t use a deathgrip, but stretching, since overdone(my bad) led me to a scar tissue in the left side of my Johnson. As you can imagine since it was brought by stretching the scar tissue ain’t located in the midshaft, but at the very base, on the left side. At the beginning it was painful and hard, and made my penis “look” on the left side and curve my penis a little bit clockwise, since the scar tissue was irritated.

I’ve seen a doctor, he told me it was a scar tissue indeed, and he suggested me to take some anti-inflammatory for some days to reduce the irritation and to take vit E pills for 2 months to make the scar tissue reduce.

Took the anti-inflammatory and the pain reduced, took vit E for 2 months but still the scar tissue is still hard and my Johnson is still a little bit bent/curved. I can’t see my doctor before 1 month because he is on vacation.

Since I’m a newbie my questions are:

1) How serious is an injury like this?
2) Will my Johnson be bent now on?
3) Can I jelq softly while I still have this?
4) I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how vit E doesn’t help that much with scar tissues, is there a better way to heal it?
5) What would you suggest in general for an injury like this?

Again sorry for posting here and thank you for this community, you guys are great.


Everything that helps to dissove scar tissue.

Basicly everything that helps peyronies condition.(dont be in fear its just a local thing in your case)

The problem is that the penis is not as circulated by blood as something like tendon in your back. What I mean by thsi is that any supplments like vit e wont reach the scar as easy as for example atendon in your back..

Circulation and mild stretching as warmth does help.

DMSO to locally bring in supplements that help. (be carefull..about dmso much to read.. about its safety and handling)

just some ideas to get you started.

Vitamin e oil or castor oil or Palmer ‘s cocoa butter applied topically ( rubbed in) Will be better than ingesting vitamin e.

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Tyvm both guys.

I bought vit E oil some days ago already, even tho the scar tissue is under skin so I’m not sure how much effective it actually is.

Since I got injured (3 months ago) I stopped jelqing at all, should I stick to this plan until I’m healed or I can start again with something soft like JP90?

The oil will penetrate the skin and the solvent properties of the oil will help break down the scar tissue. I’ve had 2 total knee replacement surgeries and the thick and inflexible scar tissue above the patellas (sub-dermal) is virtually gone. It took some perseverance and more than a little discomfort, but I’m back to climbing 14ers and jumping off cliffs.

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Ok I’ll keep applying the oil 2-3 times a day until it’s gone. Ty for the help guys. I’ll also start back with JP90 very softly, if I also work on my unit’s circulation that can’t be but good for healing.

One last thing guys, since I’m not sure it’s a scar tissue, could it be a strained ligament instead, does it occur a penis to face right or left(not bent, just facing) more of the usual from a strained ligament? Ty

I use Lugos iodine in DMSO to prevent scar tissue from forming due to injecting Trimix. I have been doing it for three years and no scar tissue has formed. I also use a VacExtender and occasionally experience bruising on my glans, when this occurs, I rub on vitamin E oil and then apply the DMSO/iodine solution and the bruising goes away within 24 hours.

I have also applied it on some wart like growths on the back of my hand which shrink away to nothing in a year to six months.

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All right today I’ve been to the hospital to have a doppler echography. After 2 months of Vit E guess what? They find no plaque or scar tissue. They only thing they can find it’s an inguinal hernia. Still they are not sure it’s the cause of my penis to look at 10 instead of 12 o’clock (I remember my penis is straight just pointing on the left instead of the sky). In a week or so I’ll bring the exam result to the urologist and listen what he has to say. Still, I’m very doubtful this could be caused by an hernia, I think it’s just a coincidence.

When I had wrecked my peck, and I thought the pain would never go away and I’d never be able to enjoy pleasure with my member, I covered my dick in zinc calamine lotion and let it dry and wore it all day and that worked great. Hope this helps.

It may be that a ligament is stretched more than the other or…one is inflamed and contracted (pulled in) more.

Since stretching mine seems to pull to the left and twist a but as you say. I don’t think it is scar tissue though.

Look at diagrams of the penis and the ligaments that support it. It will give you a better idea of what talking about.

This is all just my opinion though : )

P.s. I’d mix up some castor oil with some vitamin E oil and any other ingredients that may help (there is a thread here about erosets vein oil). Massage the base with it twice a day or after shower. Apply heat and massage to encourage blood flow.

Could vitamin-e possibly soften the penis tissue for increased PE results?

Can PURE vitamin-e be applied to the penis? There are a lot of different supplements with different strengths out there.

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