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Rubber band around my dick

Rubber band around my dick

First of all I don’t think this is a Thrombosed vein, It doesn’t feel or look like a vein. I have what feels like a Hard band on my shaft under my head, Like I’ve wrapped an rubber band around my dick, I get a fluid build up from time to time in the same spot but this is hard. MY routine has been hanging only for 2 months, no jelqing or kegels.

Guys does anyone know what this is from my crap description? I’m wondering if stopping jelqing has anything to do with it but I have recently upped the weight when hanging.

What kind of hanger are you using?

Monkey bars vac hanger.

Couldn’t it be a corn (or maybe the correct name is callus)?

I came here thinking you had some new PE techniques with rubber bands lol. My friend used to wear rubber bands on his arms and when I finally asked him why he said he wraps them around his cock and it helps him go forever.

Anyway hardcore fluid build up can feel a bit hard to me so I think you need to switch to a new hanger or ease up awhile.

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This sounds like lymphocele.

You might also be hanging for too long of a duration.

If you constrict the circulation for too long you can develop blood

Clots in the veins. These will feel like hard lumps and could extend

Along the length of a vein.

I developed such a condition below my glans just as you have

Described from leaving my dick in the pump too long.

It became infected in the vein from bacteria in the clot.

It swelled up and became very sore. I had to go to the doctor.

He gave me antibiotics, and said if not treated it could turn gangrenous

And eventually require amputation.

The antibiotics worked, but I learned my lesson.

Gangrenous tissue in your penis holy shit man I bet you was scared!

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Cheers guys. I think it is Lymphocele from what I just read on Google, basically like blisters under the skin. I have also been masturbating a lot lately for some reason and I’m heavy handed so maybe to much work for my dick to handle.

I’ve only been hanging for 20-30 minutes max lately but using higher weight then using An ADS for an hour after each session. My ligs are taking a beating but in a good way, my flaccid is unreal at the moment.

I think I have something similar, due to very heavy masturbation lately. If I understand it correctly this stuff heals on its own, you just have to rest and avoid using your dick for some time right?

It is not really painful but it is annoying and just doesn’t feel right.

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From what I read you push down hard on it to break it down. I’m going to try not masturbating for a few days. I really want to hang though.

“Lymph is a drainage liquid, actually it is liquid commonly found in intercellular spaces all around the body. It is drained into the bloodstream by special channels called lymph vessels.

Lymphocele appear when drainage of lymph is blocked, in that case lymph accumulates in blisters and stays there until drained in some other way.

Penis lymphocele are not dangerous, they are not infectious and they usually disappear on their own. If they appear after having sex or after masturbation you should drain them yourself by applying pressure on the blister. To make them go away permanently you should avoid having sex or masturbating for a couple of weeks. If they still continue to be a problem for you, you should address this matter to your GP or your urologist. Hope that you will solve your problem with success.”

This is how a penis lymphocele looks. (see attachment)

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That’s Exactly what I read on Google, Never seen the picture though and that definitely what I have. Thanks Marinera.

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