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Reverse Kegels fixed my ED

Reverse Kegels fixed my ED

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Hello Gents,

I made a thread on here titled “ED since returning to PE” in January where I detailed how I believed I injured my penis and developed ED from jelqing. I just wanted to update everyone and let you know that I’ve been doing 2 days on and 1 day off of reverse kegels since April 4th and I’m happy to say I believe I have fixed my ED. I am able to attain and maintain an erection that’s harder than its been in recent years and I even got very hard walking home from the gym tonight just from a girls text, something that never happened even before my ED. I’ve read of some users down playing the benefits that reverse kegels may have in situations such as mine but Id like to just report to those having trouble getting hard like I was to try reverse kegels. I was beginning to accept that I would have ED for the rest of my life at 26 years old and would have to resort to Cialis to get an erection. You can imagine how happy I am to have reversed my ED in such a short period of time doing a basic exercise. Now I am going to focus on using reverse kegels to improve my stamina in bed and maybe one day return to penis enlargement when I’m ready.

I believe the cause of my ED in the first place was the aggressive routine I adopted of purely regular kegels combined with my habit of masturbating as quick as possible utilizing kegels to cum quicker. Again I encourage anyone who believes penis enlargement resulted in their ED to give this a try.


Excellent thread thanks for sharing.

How did you perform the reverse kegels? Was breathing involved? I find it much easier to work on breathing, expand the lower back, belly and pelvic floor outwards rather than just push out the pelvic floor.

Isn’t reverse kegels the feeling of pushing out like you were pushing out urine?

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Yes it’s the feeling of peeing and trying to force out a fart at the same time essentially.

I try to relax all pelvic muscles before breathing in and performing a reverse kegel. I’ve only done about 6 to 8 sessions so I’m still getting accustomed to doing them with good form. My routine right now if anyone is interested is:

25 3 second holds
15 5 second holds
10 10 second holds

And then I do 10 5 second regular kegels just to maintain balance.

I’m curious about the details as well.

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So you do perform the reverse kegels as you inhale right?

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