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Reoccurring dull ache

Reoccurring dull ache

I overtrained a while ago by getting into heavy jelqing, ulis, and clamping too soon and too frequently. It resulted in a loss of EQ and a noticeable “dull ache” in my head. I’ve noticed that this dull ache comes back fairly easily, I’m really sensitive to overtraining again as a result. Lately I’d been doing o-bends with very light, low level jelqing on a one-on one-off schedule. The ache is back again, and is stil lhere even after 4-5 days off. I’m going to give it more time.

Anyone ever experience anything like this?

I’m having a dull ache right now, about two months into my second round of PE. (First round was several years ago.) I never got the dull ache during the first round, but I wasn’t jelqing properly either.

I’m on my sixth day of rest today, and the ache is slowly going away. Once it’s gone (I figure in 2-3 days) I’m going to start up again, but take it real easy (newbie routine) and make sure that it doesn’t come back.

No erection problems. Maybe some slight sensitivity problems, but I think that’s just part of the ache.

I recently got a physical injury that after a few days I noticed that the glans lost nearly all sensitivity. It then slowly varies back and forth from low sensitivity to a dull ache throughout each day. Gradually sensitivity is improving (now about ¼ in 10 days time) and this process is continuing. In addition, there was a tenderness, almost stinging tingle, along a couple ‘fibers’ in the sulcus on each side just below the glans joining along the top. When touching or gently rubbing these, pains flair up. I have never noticed these fibers before - like tight strings. They are gradually improving – less pain and less tension. Skin sensitivity has not been affected. Erections were shot. I am resting from all fun activity, but have noticed night time woodies are just about up to par.

It seams that this may be a dorsal nerve injury. It is difficult to find good anatomical pictures of the end of the penis. Plenty like Grey’s Anatomy but not quite the detail to be certain with. If anyone knows of such pictures, please let me know. Some say that these symptoms are part of the lymphatic system. Others the nervous system. Perhaps two separate injuries from the original trauma. Any information from others familiar with such symptoms would be appreciated. Thank you

Thank You ThunderSS!

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