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Red spots

Red spots

I had a real intense work out a couple of nights ago. I did 250 3-5 second jelqs followed by 10 10-second hard squeezes. Got the usual red spots and didn’t think anything about it. Later on, I got busy with the girlfriend and now my unit is sesitive as hell where the red spots were. Its kinda like a rash or raw spot on the right side just below the head. Should I lay off for a few days, or is this normal? Anyone else have this problem? Thanks a bunch!!

I would let it heal before doing anymore PE. Probably take a couple of days max.

Relax on the intensity…if it takes you another month to get to whatever measurement you are striving for, so what? Don’t let the lady think you have a mutant dick.


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Yeah, ease up a bit, and dont forget to warmup with a hot wrap (if you dont already) before because many many guys have reported less red spots from doing this, including myself. Also, when you jelq, build up to the intensity you intend to use, like start off with light strokes and build up slowly. This will help the tissues adapt to the pressure if you get my meaning.

But remember that red dots are sometimes unavoidable, they just come with the territory but they will fade more quickly as you get more experienced.

Good Luck

Red Spots

I’ve taken a few days off, and am glad to say the “unit” is basically healed. I guess I get caught-up in the moment and thought a few more reps wouldn’t hurt. However, my advise says if you’re going to get some action later in the day, better lay off the PE. Or at least do a light workout. Thanks for the concern guys!!

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