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'Red spots' from PE and smoking/exercise/health...

'Red spots' from PE and smoking/exercise/health...

In another thread, someone was talking about red spots from clamping. It could just as easily have been from jelqing too hard.

I used to get them often when I ‘pushed it’ slightly too hard, but a couple of months after quitting smoking, I realised I got them far less.

Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon, whether from quitting smoking, or from starting cardio-pulmonary exercise or anything else that might improve circulation, blood composition, or blood vessel elasticity etc.?

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Interested theory you’ve got there. I suggest that regardless of whether you smoke, over-jelqing, etc. will still cause capillaries to burst.


I’ve only noticed an impact from smoking on my EQ so far.

I have observed on more than one occasion, a direct correlation between smoking cigarettes, hand rolled cigars that are tasted - not inhaled into the lungs, and *ahem* smoking Marry Jane - via joints or pipes (but to a lesser extend with bongs); That I’ll experience a diminished EQ. Respectively, cigarettes have the greatest impact, probably lowering me by 1, maybe 2 points, depending on just how many I had in the night before while bar hopping. With cigars, it can vary greatly, but I’d say no more than a point and a half on the 1 to 10 scale, and that 1.5 decrease requires a very strong and large cigar or two. With Marry Jay, joints and pipes probably decrease my EQ by one point in the day or two afterwords. However with a bong, it takes a significant amount of that smoke to impact my EQ to a really measurable point. The exception to this is my vaporizer hooked up to the bong, it does not affect my EQ negatively at all, and in fact, it could be said that it improves my EQ while under it’s influence, as it’s quite an aphrodisiac for myself, and does on occasion suddenly give me an erection with an EQ of a 9 to a 10. (Think we’ll just call that the sex-craved reefer madness effect).

Since I’m not a regular smoker of tobacco, or user of hemp products, the diminished EQ effect fades within a few days, at least that’s my assumption.

So, Firegoat, have you noticed any improvement in EQ or refractory rate since quitting?

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Yes, actually. I had a incident a few months back were I had a lot of red spots. At the time I was a smoker. I have learnt some lessons and better techniques but I have not had any incidents of red spotting since quitting smoking.

Also when I jelq I find my penis responds much more favourably now. It’s easier to maintain the erection level needed, and it doesn’t feel like I’m forcing it.

I’ve been smoking pot since I’ve been doing PE so I can’t compare to when I didn’t smoke (and I’m not planning on quitting anytime soon). But I seem to get A LOT of red spots unless I am very, very aware of the pressure I am applying. I was getting them a lot when I would clamp too hard I suppose, though it never ‘felt’ too hard, it actually felt better. The only negative PI’s I get are these spots. For a while, I would ignore the spots and just keep going, but soon realized that this was very bad (possible reading a post by Firegoat) and had to find another way.

So now, I have been clamping very lightly, 2 clicks over my wrap. I’m still trying to figure out the right pressure and time, so I have yet to tell if this is helping or not.

I tend to smoke about 3 bong rips a day, more on the weekends (also rest days). I don’t smoke tobacco.

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