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Red poof

Red poof

There is a pinkish poof on the skin just below the head and off to the right. The texture is a little rough and it is about 1/4 inch long. It goes on a diagonal also.

Any idea on what it is?

Hey pelearner,

How long since this happened? Any pain involved?
Have you been jelqing or squeezing, anything intense lately? How long since you started PE?

It sounds like a small hemorrhage under the skin or a sort of skin irritation that should go away in a week or two.

Of course, I assume you know that all PE activity shoule be stopped until things get back to normal?

Oh and ….
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This happened about 5 days ago, no pain.
It happened about 2 weeks after ive been using the power-jelqer. This is my 4month pe’ing.

p.s. its hard to stop pe! But I know I want to heal faster, its been getting better.

Edit:I changed nothing in this post, hit the edit button accidently when I meant to answer it - WB

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Glad to hear that it is getting better.

You may want to apply something on the lesion to help it heal faster - arnica perhaps? - Search the injury forum for more info.

Try to find the element that caused the problem - is it the way you used the PJ? - and go easy when you resume PE.
Be patient, you only have one dick right?

Good luck,

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