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Red crescent injury

Red crescent injury

Hi guys,

I’ve done about 5 newbie routine PE sessions so far, all spread out with a couple of days in between. On the 3rd session, I noticed a red crescent (about 3-4 mm long, 2 mm deep) where my foreskin meets the rest of my dick (just below the head), when you pull the foreskin back. It’s basically right under the head, but not on in.

Anyway I took a few days off, then did a 4Th session: I took the session easy but I could still see it.

Finally, I took at least a week off (probably 10 days), and today did my 5Th session. The crescent is now slightly bigger (maybe another 1-3 mm), and just as red.

There is no pain associated with it. It’s colour is flush red. I’m not sure what I should do; while I’m not particularly worried about it, it hasn’t gone away with at least a weeks rest.

Perhaps this red crescent is ‘new’ material on my dick, like where it has grown? I don’t know how the growing or expanding of PE works, but is that possible?

What should I do, keeping in mind a weeks rest didn’t help?

P.S. Tried posting in Injuries forum but I don’t have enough privileges.

Not getting replies here; if a mod could move this post to the Injuries Forum or give me permission to post in that forum, it’d be great, as my PE is on hold until I can sort this out.

Moved it for you, cu_z.

Not that I have experienced this, but is it on the top side of the shaft? Might shed some light on things.

regards, mgus

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Yes. If my dick was pointed outwards and I was looking down, it would be on the top/left part. It’s right where the foreskin ends: that is, if I were to pinch my foreskin with my hand and pull it away from the shaft, I would be able to pull foreskin away from the base most easily, and then not as easily near the top. Right where I can’t pull the foreskin away from my dick anymore is where this red crescent is: just under the head.

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The little dot is where the crescent is: it bends outwards around the circumference (that’s how it makes a crescent) of where the foreskin is attached to the shaft, just under the head.

Are you pulling your foreskin back slightly with each jelq stroke? If not, you may be pinching it with your jelq grip at the place where it’s attached to the shaft. This assumes you’re using a circular or “OK” grip. If you are, you might want to try a two handed approach and use only the fingertips (under) and thumbtips (top) on each side of the shaft. It still wouldn’t hurt to slightly pull back the foreskin with each stroke and move it along with your fingers as you stroke toward the glans (head).

RB’s Method (two handed, fingers only strokes): RB - Dry Jelq

I have noticed this as well. I think it was because I was slightly pinching the skin with my grip. I tried a new grip aid and it didn’t quite work as well as I would have hoped.


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