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Originally Posted by Titleist
The influx of the past 6-7 years of new participants seem to want it all now. I get PM’s frequently ask me for my routine. When I tell them it’s going to take 5-6 years of consistency, I rarely hear from them again. They want to skip the newbie routine and start hanging or clamping.

I get asked why I haven’t grown in three month, when I didn’t see my first real gains in six months.

Honestly, it doesn’t surprise me that we are seeing more and more of the “instant gains” crowd. The current generation have greater access to porn, which sets their brain up for failure, greater access to pills that guarantee you’ll gain 4 inches overnight, which we all know doesn’t happen, ever, and a constant indoctrination of Marxism ideals leads them to believe everyone should be equal because government makes it so. I can’t really blame them for wanting something quickly and easily but there should come a time, when the reach the mental age of 14, when they realize the only way to achieve greatness is by putting in an equal amount of “great” work. I hope we can change that narrative but it will take, you guessed it, more work.

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All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. ~ Proverbs 14:23

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I think a central part of the issue is that some people don’t think there’s actually a real chance that they could really hurt themselves when they are doing too much.

I mentioned on another thread that I heard about jelqing from someone else who hadn’t ever done it and tried it as a joke, thinking it wouldn’t do anything. I constantly needed to keep waiting for my erection level to go down, but then figured that, since it couldn’t possibly do anything, it wouldn’t matter if I continued to jelq with a full erection. I never came across any of the forums when I looked it up briefly before trying it, and never saw anything about safety or possible risks. I did see something that said, “Forget magic pills, dangerous pumps, or surgery with knives. Jelqing is completely safe and naturally using only your hands.” I didn’t see any reason to think any differently, aside from doubting it would really work.

Each urologist I saw, who should be ashamed of themselves, told me jelqing fully erect was the same as masturbation, and wouldn’t do anything. Some day, when the truth comes out about how jelqing does work, is not the same as masturbation, and can be dangerous if done improperly, they will be shamed.

The best remedy for the instant gains crowd, I think, is to do whatever possible within reason to ensure they realize the seriousness of the risks, especially if those risks might seem unlikely for certain exercises.


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