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Putting an end to this.


Putting an end to this.

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Hey guys,

Was on a light jelqing routine for a couple months at the end of last year. In the beginning of January, I started noticing a difficulty in getting/maintaining an erection and a numb shaft. Went to a couple urologists who all claimed my issue was psychological. I got a depression counselor and was placed on a depression medication (which doesn’t hinder sexual function). 4 months later.. I’m still having this issue. Went to a renowned ED specialist in my state and she claims I’ve got nothing to worry about. A doppler ultrasound was performed and she says my penis displays one of the greatest bloodflows that she has ever seen in her practice. There was no sign of venous leak. Even though my penis is numb, she told me there is no chance that there is nerve damage. She attests the numbness to vigorous masturbation and intercourse and thinks a resensitization phase will fix my problem. To battle the psychological ED, she prescribed 5mg Cialis for a month but advised me not to take it frequently since I’m trying to resensitize my unit. Tried the Cialis last night to see if it had any effect.. I unfortunately didn’t see any difference in erection quality. I can get my penis filled around 90%, but without stimulation it still shoots right back down. She wants me to take a Cialis every couple days until I’m able to get good erections, and she thinks that will diminish my ED to a great extent. She also thinks sensitivity will come back faster after this occurs.

Has anyone else had a similar treatment plan with similar results? I’m a little let down that the Cialis didn’t work, but I’m still thinking if there is too much anxiety, erections will be hindered.

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

Your doctors are absolutely correct. You have over stimulated your penis and in the process have allowed anxiety to determine your EQ. I would suggest using a Flesh Light to increase sensitivity. They make a model that is designed to build up staying power but I’m not sure what the model name is.

Cialis 5mg is an extremely low dose so don’t worry if it doesn’t make your penis 110% erect. Use it and start enjoying sex. This will help you realize that there is nothing wrong with your penis. Your mind will accept this fact and eventually reduce the anxiety.

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When you say numb, do you mean that you can’t feel anything, or is it just a loss of sexual and/or urinary sensation?

Also. how was your sexual function before this started? Did you generally get random erections throughout the day, even when you didn’t want to? Did you ever have any longer term ED before this?

Definitely keep us posted on what happens.

Thanks for the responses guys.

Guess it’s not completely numb.. Just uncomfortable. Shaft is almost completely unresponsive to a light touch or material. Am able to feel pin pricks and hot/cold sensation along most of my shaft, though. Before this all started, I never got too many full blown random erection throughout the day. I’ve always had some confidence and depression which barred me from getting them. I’ve always suffered from performance anxiety; could never maintain an erection in a sexual situation but was able to get rock hard by myself.

Is the feeling of sexual/pleasure sensation reduced at all then? If you are by yourself where before this you would have been able to get rock hard, what happens now? And one last thing, if you remember, could you briefly describe the exact moment(s) when you first noticed the problem?

Sorry about all of the questions, I just want to get a clear sense of the situation.

Try kegels, hear me out Ill try make this short. When exercising these muscles the prostate is stimulated and as we know its a good sensation. I have found that its possible to direct these sensations around your body, especially down your cock. I don’t suggest this for EQ in fact it works best no handed with no erection.

RELAX, gentle kegel In and out in time to your breathing until you feel good sensations, listen to your body and concentrate on the feelings. You can move this energy mainly up and down your body. (Up=inhale+kegel. Down=Exhale+reverse kegel)
Touching your cock during this process Will greatly reduce this feeling so avoid.

I think It might be worth a shot because whilst your cock might be numb I believe these sensations can really reawaken your mind to the idea of good feelings in your cock.

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Inspirit- I still feel pleasure with masturbating and ejaculating. My glans is still really sensitive so that helps. Ejaculation feels the same as always, the strength of it just wasn’t’t like it used to be. Used to be able to shoot halfway up my chest. Now it just oozes out with no trajectory. I’m guessing this will improve with time and has something to do with a decreased libido (?). Don’t remember much about when this all started since it was a few months back.. But I remember I jelqed one night and felt some pain shoot up the right side of my shaft. Didn’t lose erection. The following night I was unable to get any sort of erection. I wasn’t able to get it up at all even with constant stimulation for a couple weeks. Then I was able to get a decent sized erection with stimulation that diminished when stimulation was taken away. I think this was around the time I started noticing the “numbness” issues. No prob with all the questions man, I want to get to the bottom of this as much as anyone else in the situation would. I want input from the pros.

Xtra- I’ve been thinking about starting a light kegel routine. I just don’t want to hinder any of the progress I have made in my “recovery.”

I see, it sounds like you are making a recovery none the less. That being the case you are going in the right direction and maybe should not change anything right?

Good luck getting to the bottom of this.

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Please correct me on any PE issue and don't take my word for gospel. I post for consideration - xtra

Yeah, it doesn’t seem like much of a recovery for me since it’s been taking so long but I’m assuming I’m on the right track. It’s really annoying not being able to get rock hard at 23 so I’m hoping everything reverts back to normal soon.

Have you noticed if you have any large veins that weren’t there before? Both while flaccid, and while erect.

When erect, I’ve noticed I have a more prominent vein on the left side of my penis. Thicker than it used to be.

Not sure if it alludes to anything, but my foreskin sensitivity and glans sensitivity don’t seem affected by this issue at all. I’ve ejaculated just by rubbing the glans without jerking. Just the middle shaft seems to be the problem

Hmmm Doctor told me it typically takes effect within an hour and the best time to get an erection is within the first 4 hours. I know I won’t get random bonkers with it.. The resulting EQ is the same as before taking the media, though.

Possible recovery update.. Hopped in the shower tonight and popped a pretty decent boner. Wasn’t rock hard but it lasted a good 5 minutes with minimal stimulation. Haven’t gotten a random boner like that in a long time so assuming that’s a good sign

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