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Pushed it too far boys. No sensation in glans

Pushed it too far boys. No sensation in glans

Haven’t posted in a long time. I have been PEing on and off for years. I started at 18 (I’m 25 now), the first time I got a “Your dick is huge” comment (It wasn’t, but it was above average) and realized that size mattered. I’ve gone from about 6.5 to about 8.1 bpel and from 5.25 to just under 6 inches MSEG. For the last year I’ve been hanging, jelqing and pumping and my EQ went from abysmal due to some psychological issues to fantastic, rock hard erections, even sporadic morning wood which I hadn’t gotten since high school. But today I tried something new while hanging. Basically I used to use a hose clamp around a pirate wench and I could get it nice and snug but when I tightened the hose clamp to its tightest, it would click open a little bit at the end (when the screw ran out of room to apply torque). It’s hard to describe this if you’ve never used a hose clamp, but lets just say that because of this my hanger was always tight, but never ultra tight, and over the course of my daily 20 minute set the blood would eventually pool in my glans, which most seek to avoid. I never had any discoloration or anything, but I had gotten up to 10 lbs hanging and I wanted to figure out how to wrap tighter prior to moving up the weight.

Anyways, Today I tried something new where I used the same hose clamp but wrapped part of an athletic sock around the wrapping prior to fastening the wench. This allowed me to crank the clamp VERY tight because the extra circumference meant that the hose clamp screw didn’t run out of room to tighten. As it turns out I pushed it too far, and as soon as I took the hanger off after my set, I lost all feeling in my glans. It feels like someone shot novacaine into my glans basically.

I knew it would be hard to get an erection even if it was possible due to the psychological stress of what had just occurred, so I took about 75mg of Viagra (Note that I didn’t have ED, I just enjoy using viagra recreationally), waited a few hours and masturbated using my usual PE/masturbation regiment to try to get the blood flowing. I was able to orgasm but only due to stimulation to the base of my cock. It was actually kind of a fun experience because I have always had to slow down often to avoid coming before I want to, but now I was able to pump away at the fleshlight without a second thought, if I was with a girl she would have been writhing in orgasms ha. Eventually I was able to orgasm and it was strange, it was actually a more intense orgasm than usual in terms of mental pleasurable feelings (that sort of brain chemical rush that comes with orgasm), but without so much of the physical aspect. It wasn’t bad at all. So part of me is hoping that I’ll restore sensation to my glans (which I think I will over time, It feels like I may have damaged some afferent nerves. But part of me would welcome this new lack of sensation IF AND ONLY IF it does not bring with it any erectile dysfunction, because I’ve always wanted to be able to just pump away at the girls I’ve slept with because they would clearly get frustrated when I had to stop.

Anyways, just had to get this off my chest because I’m somewhat anxious about it and as most of you can probably identify with, there’s no other outlet for me discuss PE. It’s the first day, so it it’s still bad in a few days I’ll visit a urologist. Probably sounds strange for me to be so calm about this, but it may be a blessing in disguise. My cock has always been ULTRA-sensitive, almost too much. But ideally I’d like to restore just some of the sensitivity, enough that I could enjoy a blowjob for reasons other than the visual.

EDIT: Broke up my wall of text into paragraphs.

Update: Well over the course of the day sensation has returned. My skin is very sore but I appear to have avoided hypoxic necrosis. If I flick my glans it is painful (no more than it would be normally). I know that sounds silly but its actually a relief. I won’t be masturbating or PEing for a few days to give it some time to heal, and I’ll only ramp up conservatively to my old hanging weight and PE routine over the course of two months. From now on I’ll stick to my old hanging technique. All the best gentlemen. It was a rough day. It’s nice to know my body is healing.

Glad to hear you’re ok.

Before 5.5" x 4.1" ///////// Now 7.4" x 4.9"

give a weeks rest, trust me my glans is completely numb and has been for 4 from bad PE choices…

Thanks gentlemen. All the best

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