Pseudophedrine & decreased sex drive EQ

Pseudophedrine & decreased sex drive EQ

Our member RoutineIsKey posted this in another forum. As the hayfever season is upon some of us, and many guys have allergies, I thought it should be a new thread. It's good information!

Hello everyone. This is my first post on Thunders Place. I’ve been doing PE on and off for about 15 years now. I’ve never really been big on measuring for size, I’ve just always had a good eye for my growth and also being in touch with my body so I can tell when I have great EQ and when something seems a bit off.

My reason for this post is because I was lurking and reading this thread and thought I would chime in just in case any of my fellow brothers have experienced what I went through recently.

Over the last few years things haven’t quite seemed right with my Dick and I’ve sometimes had to use Viagra and other things to get some decent wood.. Keep In mind I’m only in my mid 30’s. I also party in the swinger scene as well as going to adult theaters doing all types of freaky shit. Sometimes my flaccid would shrivel up so bad that it would be really embarrassing, but I could never tell when it was going to happen. And on certain days morning wood would be non existent. And even during my jelqing sessions, sometimes my dick just didn’t respond properly. Porno was almost the only way that I could keep my dick at a decent erection level to finish my jelqing sessions. This whole thing really had me puzzled and I began to think that maybe it was psychological.

So one day a light bulb goes off in my head and I realize that every time I take Claritin D for my allergies that’s when I would seem to have no sex drive or my flaccid would be smaller than usual. I have no idea why it took me years to figure this out, but it did lol. So I looked it up online and to my surprise I found out that many other people had the same physical response when taking anything containing PSEUDOPHEDRINE. It is the same drug Dr’s give you when you’ve had an erection lasting more than 4hrs.

It basically lowers your blood flow, so it would make since that it could affect certain individuals in a negative way when it comes to anything sexual. My advice to anyone reading this.. If you’ve been having any decreased sex drive or your flaccid and erections seem smaller than usual. Read the back of any medication that you may be taking and if it contains PSEUDOPHEDRINE, then that’s probably the culprit.

I hope and pray this info can help someone. I now have a longer hanging flaccid and I get night and morning wood on a consistent basis. I also don’t need any porno while having my jelqing sessions. My sex drive is back better than ever! Good luck fellas!

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