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Tunic stretching and restoring high erection angles...


Are you sure you want to modify your body in this way? Keep in mind that when the erection angle is lower, you will not be able to exert much force against the g-spot. If you lower the angle too much, you may not be able to exert pressure against the pocket formed by the cervical opening and the vaginal barrell—which means that you will have a lot of trouble making a woman orgasm.

If this is truly what you desire, then the answer to your question is that I used to practice a type of “marital arts/spiritual” practice popular amongst Shaolin monks and some people in Hong Kong and Taiwan where very heavy weights are tied around the genitals, swung forwards and backwards while being lifted up/resisted using the pc muscles when the weight swings forward.

I used to do this with 40 pounds. Some people do it with 100. This is dangerous stuff and people end up needing surgery and some even have died from it. In addition, you cannot ejaculate while you practice because if you do so there is no resiliency and you will certainly be injured. There is a book in the west published on this subject by Mantak Chia called “Bone Marrow Nei Kung.”

I am telling you this for information purposes only. These methods will indeed give you the stretch you desire, but are the risks worth it? Also, you would have to make a huge lifestyle change even if you practiced it injury free. Basically, it is a deviant offshoot of spiritual practice and to be honest, I regret having practiced it simply because it was a collossal waste of my time. I was quite an expert on the subject, and even wrote an on-line manual on the subject which was quite popular but I regret that as well because at the time my youth underestimated the damage that can be done to those who practice it—even under “qualified” supervision.

Let me share with you some special remedies for PE injuries that are nowhere else:

1st, you should always have “Yunnan Paiyao” on hand to treat internal bleeding. This causes you to stop bleeding without initiating the clotting mechanism. Hence, no scar tissue! Very famous in China and cheap to buy. You can get it on-line or in any Chinese medicine shop. Western science still doesn’t understand how it works, but it does like magic and millions of people have witnessed its use.

2nd, if you have damage like thrombosed veins and such, you need to purchase Ultragram C from Rainbow Light nutrition, Unique E from AC Grace Nutrition, and Nattokinase from Allergy Research Group. You take 1 tab Ultragram C and 6 gels of Unique E with the morning meal, and 2 gels of Nattokinase 3 times a day with meals.

After 3 months, your penis injuries will be gone. This formula is used in peyronnies treament too.

Best of fortune my friend, and you also might want to check out www.actionlove.con for another view of penile enlargement.

Also, I put up a bunch of sites that deal with the prostate and male stuff:

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Ooh yes!

Dr. (sic) Lin and his actionlove site are well respected here. He has a rudimentary grasp of english, a laughable grasp of website design and an almost non-existant grasp of sexual health and remedies.

I might check out the other things you’ve suggested…

See Ya,


I thought at first that it was the good Dr. Lin, but after seeing that he could string three English words together coherently, I knew it wasn’t. Maybe the doctor finally got himself a good English speechwriter. Now all he needs is an iota of knowledge sexual health, and he’ll be set.

Oh, and thanks for the advice about the 100-pound thing. I was just on my way to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick up a couple 25-pound weights.

Nattokinase sounds interesting. Here is a pdf file with some info.

It’s kind of pricey though. A 90 capsule bottle is $35. Allergy Research recommends 1 to 2 capsules three times daily. The higher dose comes out to $70 per month.

I wonder if natto, the food, is available in the U.S. and how much it costs. Has anyone tasted it? Any good?

The pdf-file contains a recipe for natto:

…the boiled soybeans were packed hastily into the rice straw bags
without cooling or drying. The rice straw just happened to contain a harmless and naturally occurring
microorganism, Bacillus subtilis that fermented the soybeans and produced natto with its characteristic
sticky texture.

Yeah, but that’s like saying you can make booze with brewer’s yeast and table sugar in the bathtub. You can, but I wouldn’t want to drink it. :)

A Google search turns up more specific info. I wouldn’t bother making it until I try some first. It might be truly nasty stuff.

I've been experimenting with wet jelq.

The person who wrote that I can’t be Dr. Lin because I can string 3 sentences together in a coherent fashion is pretty funny.

If you try one thing I mention, it should be the nattokinase. If you find it too expensive keep in mind you don’t have to take it on a regular basis. After one bottle you could take it now-and-then and still get the benefits. Wobenzym USA sells a really inexpensive version now that is like $18 a bottle.

Anyway, I lurked around here for a while and decided to give jelqing a try. I never gave it much thought before, although I did vacuum pump for a few months many years back. I learned how to vacuum pump from some stupid Jeff Stryker video because there really weren’t any websites like this years ago (maybe there were and I just didn’t know about it?), and ended up with a “lymphocele” that never went away. I didn’t even realize what it was until today when I found it in the injuries threads which are awesome. I would say that all newbies should be forced to read the injury threads before they learn the exercises!

So I decided to give wet jelq a try and interestingly I was in an Arabic oil shop in Brooklyn and the owner starts lecturing me on “Black Seed Oil” and I read the literature and see that it is full of prostaglandins which help tissues stretch when a woman gives birth. I remember Dr. Lin recently babbling about the importance of them in enlarging the penis so I decide to use this oil to jelq with.

Now I know many guys on this forum dis’ the Doctor of Bridge Engineering or whatever he actually is, but I use his techniques to last longer and I have had that tailbone orgasm or whatever it is called that some other guy was posting about here (a really long thread on ballooning) and it is pretty cool. My girl is really impressed with how long I can fuck and no other technique I learned to stop PE worked so I kinda’ dig the Doc. True, I also find it kinda’ aggravating that he acts like his products are a solution to everything because they clearly are not. Also, just because your erection doesn’t point high enough to cum in your own mouth doesn’t mean you can’t give your girl an orgasm, but it does help.

Enough about Dr. Lin…

I jelq for about 2 weeks with the black seed oil and it is a lot of fun. My erections are harder then ever, and one day I go to fuck my girl whom I had been ignoring for a while and I look at my penis (which is always bigger with a real girl) looks bigger. I stick it in her pussy aggressively and she yells out in pain. I was like, “wow” I guess bigger dicks can hurt a girl. I am only 6 inches (with no bone pressing) but she is Asian so I guess for her it is big. That was the end of sex for that night, and I didn’t tap it until next week because I am too busy working all the time.

The next time I fuck her she came easier then before. I think this has more to do with my dick being harder then usual then bigger, but positive results are positive results. The way I always saw it, if she has an orgasm you are big enough. Of course, some women don’t won’t have an orgasm even if they sit on a parking cone so go figure…

Next cool moment was I was in the bathroom at work and started masturbating after I pissed thinking of some waitress I wanted to fuck in the ass and I see an empty roll of toilet paper and remember this post someone wrote about his milestone of not being able to fit inside a roll of toilet paper anymore. This site is clearly a bad, bad influence. LOL So I stick my dick in the roll and the head goes in and then nothing else! I was like, “wow, my dick IS getting bigger!”

Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

So here is the problem:

The other day I felt like maybe I jelqed too much and was a little “tired” but I decided to jelq anyway because I was horny. Big mistake—I think. I felt a kinda’ pain shooting down the shaft but ignored it. Next day or two I feel like the tip of my dick is a little cold and my dick hurts on the dorsal shaft. I can still get super hard erections and I can get erections without touching myself, but I feel like something is irritated.

Next day my cold-tipped dick is no longer cold, but now, several days later (3 or 4) my dick feels irritated and my skin looks kinda’ raw. I had the thought that maybe my overhand okay grip was messing up my dorsal nerves since my skin is only slightly pink but it really doesn’t feel very good although it is getting better every day.

Needless to say I am not PEing right now!

While I am afraid I pushed it too hard, that day I also tried using castor oil and I don’t think it was cold-pressed (had hexanes) so maybe I got an allergic reaction?

Oh well, but I recommed trying black seed oil. It seems to make the penis very pliable.

When it heals I intend to experiment with DMSO and Pure castor oil to try and dissolve that hardened lymph-thingy.

This site is very entertaining, plus it gives you a bigger dick (and an inury now and then :) ).

Erection angle doesn’t give any advantage towards making a woman cum that can’t be achived through body positioning.

I have at best a 9 o’clock erection and a downward curve, but when i want to, with pressure in the right direction, I give my girl g’spot o’s no prob. well the only prob is keeping the pace she likes and not busting before she does.

to many specific product mentions for my taste.


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