Pressure Eczema

I just thought I would bring this up for anyone that has had this problem too.

I get pressure or even vacuum eczema from PE. If I pump, it can produce small skin spots that if I do it again, get bigger and bigger. I have had to change methods and stop for weeks at a time to get rid of these. They end up a big red splotchy areas, that are also itchy.

If I used compression bandages like the Thera-p, it will begin to produce this, clamping, jelquing etc also can produce it for me. Real pain in the ass because it forces me to cut back or change methods. I finally thought that skin applied zinc might be helpful.

The is a product called skin zinc that claims great results, but they want tons of money for it. So I figured that perhaps zinc based bacitracin would work… and it does!

If I start getting spots, I just apply the zinc bacitracin and they clear up by the next day. So now, I just put a little on every day after PE and my skin has been great!

We have a store here in Southern Cal called 99 Cents store, and when it shows up on the shelves, I buy about 10 tubes for a buck each…great deal.

For those of you looking to solve this problem, it the zinc only bacitracin, not the other ones. The zinc accelerates the skin healing, it also happens to kill bacteria…but it doesn’t produce stronger stains of bacteria like other antibiotics, so you don’t have to worry about continual use.

Its also a great tip to prevent shaving bumps for your wife if she shaves her privates. Just have her use a bit on her skin after shaving, and it will prevent bumps.