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Possible Varicocele

Possible Varicocele

Hey Guys,

So I’ve got what I (and with advice from a doctor (gp/physician)) think is some sort of varicose vein and possibly a varicocele on my penis at the top of the shaft where it meets the glans (pics attached). It doesn’t hurt, at all. I can still fuck unprotected and jerk off pretty frequently and it doesn’t affect that at all, it’s just pretty ugly really. So, what I was wondering is if anyone out there has had a similar phenomena and what they did with it? Or if anyone knows what this could be and any other information (causes, conditions, treatments etc.)

Don’t worry, I’m not going to supplement TP advice for the advice of a urologist, however where I am I have two options to see a urologist. I have had a referral to the public system and am hoping this will come through somewhat quickly (next month or so) as, although I could be seen quicker, if I go private it means going through my father as he controls all the private health insurance stuff for my family and he is inquisitive (read: nosey) by nature, so me wanting to see a urologist will result in all sorts of questions that I would, frankly, rather avoid at this stage. Given that it isn’t causing much discomfort, I can hold out for a bit if it means complete privacy (that is waiting for a public specialist appointment, rather than a private one).

Cheers in advance, I’ve attached a couple of photos: one of when it’s soft and one when it’s nearing complete hardness so you guys can see what I’m talking about.

Any responses are VERY appreciated!

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I have a varicocele on my left ball tube. I did not know they called the same problem on anything other than the balls a varicocele. But yes, it is a sort of varicose vein IIRC. I would certainly see a specialist, but think twice about surgery. Find out what the side affects are. I decided against surgery. I have so far been able to control mine with yoga. I do a modified shoulder stand, and the pain goes away. I only have to do this once or twice a year. However, I would be surprised if this helps a problem in the penis.

Good luck.

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An Internet search for “engorged superficial vein penis” resulted in very little useful information.…ein/show/225885…icose_vein.html

These responses are generally vague and non-committal regarding treatment. It could be that most physicians see penile vein problems as “non-problems” as long as you can get an erection and have sex without pain. There are several possible reasons for developing a vein like that (according to the articles I’ve read, I’m not a physician) including a previous thrombosed vein (rare, in spite of what’s posted on these forums), rough sex, vein damage during circumcision, etc. Treatment would probably be along the lines of those used for varicose veins of the leg. See “Varicose Vein Treatment Options” about half way down this page…

Most physicians (and insurance companies) will tell you if it isn’t painful or causing problems with sex then the removal or treatment for engorged veins would be considered cosmetic and probably not covered. Ugly isn’t a disease, in other words. If you want this vein removed or treated you’ll probably have to tell them it hurts or makes sex painful or difficult. I’d expect a long round of visits and delays using the public system. Depending on how much you want to avoid your father’s scrutiny the private option may be faster.

Good luck.

Thanks guys. I think I should just point out that this is not a PE injury (although I have stopped until post-urologist). I just came here because it’s a place where people know a lot about penises (funnily enough :D ) and figured I’d be able to get some good, discreet advice.

Hey guys, just thought I’d update this in the interest of science/medicine. I’ve just come out of surgery to have what turned out to be a benign cyst removed. I thought it was actually a lymphocele after more research, but after finally seeing a urologist he diagnosed a cyst. I went with the public health system in the end due mainly to the discretion factor (not that a lot of you would know about public health care.:D ) and, after being given the option to have the operation under either local or general anaesthetic, chose to have it only local due to the recovery factor. What an experience. The pain of having needles stabbed into your cock to administer the local is something I will always remember, but apart from that the surgery was performed quickly and I am now back home recovering. It hasn’t even become painful yet, though I wait with bated breath..

Also as an aside, once my urology consultation come up it was one appt then straight to surgery. Our public health system is actually pretty kickass.

Once it’s healed I will post pics to compare the difference. If anyone has any questions I’m happy to answer them. I hope my dick looks a whole lot better after all this!

So how do you find the difference now, besides aesthetics? Having that affected you on some way and now you’ve recovered? Keep us updated with pics. :) Glad you fixed it.

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Originally Posted by alin
So how do you find the difference now, besides aesthetics? Having that affected you on some way and now you’ve recovered? Keep us updated with pics. :) Glad you fixed it.

Can’t say just yet, trust me, I’m a long way from recovered! Only had surgery yesterday and looking at my cock is, I must admit, kind of scary. Promise to keep updated once it’s started healing properly though. I feel like it will make me feel better about my penis.and then I can properly start PE!

Wow, I’m happy you got a good outcome and hope you have a speedy recovery :) .

Occlusive bandage off (wow, what fucking pain!). Penis is itchy as shit, stitches still haven’t dissolved properly and erections hurt like buggery. Also there is like a giant ring of swelling just below the is getting better though!

Here’s hoping you have a speedy 100% recovery buddy.

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