Possible pumping injury

I recently bought my pump off of Leluv.com. Based on their size chart, I should have gotten a cylinder that is 2” in diameter, but they were all out. So, since I want length more than I want girth, I went with one that is 1.75” (my original base girth was 5.5”). Last Wednesday I got the Priapus Shot. It immediately increased my girth by .25”. The doctor told me to do two, 10 min sessions a day at 10 in Hg vac. I thought that was a bit aggressive so I decided to do one, 10 min session at 10 in Hg a day. I did that from Wed to Sat. Sunday I rested. Today, I did one, 15 min session at 10 in Hg vac and I also did 50 kegels while in the cylinder. At the end my dick looked like the pics below. Other than the bruising and the donut effect, my cock feels awesome.

Here is my question: did this happen from the cylinder being too small, from me pumping too hard, or from the shot?

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21 Dec 13 BPEL: 7.25" EG: 5.25" BPFSL: 7.25"