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Possible Injury

Possible Injury

Well, I wasn’t hoping this would be my first post here, but here it goes.

So yesterday after my PE routine (basically been sticking with the newbie routine, started 3 weeks ago), I noticed a hard ridge on the dorsal side of my penis a bit below the glans. I could feel a noticeable bump on the ridge too. The thing is maybe .5-.75 inches long and on the right side of my penis. The ridge itself isn’t incredibly visible and can only be felt. Also it’s pretty much painless, though there is a mild discomfort when I put a lot of pressure on it (haven’t pushed incredibly hard, trying to stay on the safe side). Right now, I’m thinking it might be lymphocele. I say that instead of thrombosed vein because as said, it is painless. It also doesn’t seem to be affecting the surrounding area at all. I’d just like a second opinion on this.

Any treatment advice would also be greatly appreciated.


I’m not a specialist, but, according to the symptoms you describe, I think it is a thrombosis. It can be painless. I had this little problem twice. It disappeared while only a few days after stopping all exercise.

But, I repeat, I’m not a specialist… Someone could have a better advice.

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