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Possible injury???

Possible injury???

OK … just recently I’ve begun experiencing a very minor, barely perceptable soreness just above the base and along the right side of my penis. The area tended to be swollen whenever I was done pumping, but this would go down within an hour or so (there was no discoloration). Now feeling around the area, it feels like there’s loose flesh under the skin (although the main chamber seems undamaged). As a precaution, I am taking the next week off and not engaging in any activity involving my penis.

I have to ask …. is this something to be worried about? If left alone, will it heal on its own?

If it doesn’t heal on it’s own, we will send over the PE nurse.

Not to worry, it will heal.

KK then …. Thank you gprent.

Who’s the PE nurse??? ;-)


I think it’s wise that you are taking a break.

My injury (and many others on this board) was much worse
and it is slowly healing so yours should be a piece of cake.

If I were you I’d adjust my PE somehow so that there is no soreness or
pain after the workout. PE should not be painful.


The “loose flesh” feeling could be a thrombosed vein moving around. Are you doing any jelq’s or squeezes at high erection level? If so, that could be your problem. Take as long as needed for the injury to heal…could be more than one week.

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