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Possible injury? Desperate need to pee.

Possible injury?

Id post in the injury section but since I am fairly new I am unable to..

So a few months ago I was edging and got a little carried away. I ended up squeezing my dick pretty hard. At the time I didnt feel much but after I was done with the session I had a big urge to urinate. I urinated a little but for the next 30 mins or so I felt like I had to urinate BAD but couldn’t. It was extremely uncomfortable and almost painful. I actually started to get scared as its something I never felt before.. Having to urinate as if I was completely full but couldn’t. I almost ended up going to urgent care it was that bad but after 30 mins it started to subside. Since then havent really had any issues. If I do build a lot of pressure in my member I can feel a slight sharp pain almost at my urethra off to one side. With high pressure looking verrrry closely I can almost see a small bump/vein but not sure if thats even related. Just curious if anyone has had a similar experience.

The first symptoms you describe sound like prostatitis. An urgent feeling that you need to urinate, but can’t, and the burning. Not sure about the other issues. A visit with your doctor or a urologist may be in order. Good luck.

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It was caused by being overly aggressive and went away after 30 mins. Hasent been an issue since but just curious as to what that could have been.

I’ve had that a few times. Very irritating when it happens, but nothing to worry about. I recon it’s just an irritation of the urethra.

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I feel the same currently! I gotta rest and be back to normal

I’m sure just this will go away it’s just an irritation but you are right it’s scary as hell. I’m new to this too

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