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Possible injury

Possible injury

I think I might have injured myself after using the bathmate. I have been using it for a few months and was used to it. I gained a inch using it and a size genetics extender. I always did the proper warm up and stretching and never went more than 10-20 minutes at a time. So last week I’m using it and after taking it off I have strange feeling in the head like almost numb. I’m still able to get erections but it does feel weird. No pain or anything. I just know something isnt quite right. I have ceased all exercises for the last week and seeing what happens. A week has passed and its still the same. Any thoughts?

Do you have any external indications? Change of colour?

Do you feel numb all the time?

Generally these things clear up but numbness can take some time.

Continue to avoid PE but massage and heat is good. Numbness can be caused by inflammation and this will help.

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Yes no change of color and it feels like the top of my penis is softer when erect. I hope its not serious, I don’t think I did anything wrong but maybe too much pressure in the bathmate at once.

Pumps can cause lymphatic fluid buildup, which normally subsides quickly. It’s possible that you’ve caused lymphatic fluid to traverse into an area it would have been best if it didn’t.

I think heat, massage and rest are probably the best course but if it doesn’t clear up soon or if you are worried now, then consider visiting a doctor.

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I hope things get better, I was really doubtful about doing PE in the first place but after my inch gain and steel like errections again I was more than convinced it works. I’m still able to get errections, they just don’t feel as hard unless I use a cock ring. Morning wood is also scarce these days, I did get one this morning though. So I really hope I didnt screw my dick up too bad. Well see what happens I guess

I agree with memento. Really if you do injure your penis during your work out, there is not much you can do except treat with heat and leave it alone, but gently massage it, unless its painful, go see a doctor.

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