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Possible injury: vein inflamation or worse

Possible injury: vein inflamation or worse

I noticed my vein bigger (the one/s just behind the glans) than usual while doing squeezes for the glans.
Pressure was moderate and I use a silicon ring to make the squeeze even softer due to my sensitive skin.
I felt no pain when it happened. The only difference was that my kegels before each squeeze were really hard.

I went to hospital, the doctor said that the blood was running free so it was nothing, but he was not sure… If had a superficial thrombosis or not.
If I push it, blood goes away from the vein, but when I leave it alone it is more noticeable than usual, so blueish and bigger.
The doctor said it was not painful enough to be real thrombosis. What? I mean he touched it and ask ‘Does it hurt?’

I am confused. I think I will pay a visit to the urologist.

Bad week for me… : (((

Noticing a bigger vein is not an injury, sad to agree with the Doc there.

You can feel a thrombosis in a vein close to the skin. It feels hard and granular. As long as there is blood flow, even if it’s reduced, it’s not something to worry about too much. The only real but very unlikely issue with a thrombosis is that as it breaks up these hard bits of clot can flow further around the bloodstream and get caught in a smaller vein, blocking it more thoroughly.

This is not what you have.

When we PE veins increase in size. They don’t always increase in size uniformly and so certain areas can seem very raised. This might happen at a junction but not always. This is normal and nothing to worry about overly. Take a couple of days off, if you are worried but monitor the area of the vein more than you would normally.

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Thanks a million for the replies, you see, after a long time in PE (on and off) I never really had anything on the penis itself (only on the base next to the scrotum).

It is a little bit painful though, the 2 veins we have just before the glans seem better today but they are still bigger than usual, blood flow seems normal.
There is still discomfort in the area.

My biggest concern is this: When I squeeze the penis tells me ‘it is enough’, I mean I feel it in the shaft itself… Yesterday I felt no discomfort/bad signs as I saw the veins expand.
Then I stopped and the pain came after 10 minutes; I went straight to the hospital.

While squeezing I has hard as usual but not super hard like when you feel your glans will explode. I always kegel in between squeezes, the difference this time was that I released less than usual after the kegel, but again as I was not super hard I thought that would not bother me.

I am feeling really scared because there was no indication I was going to get hurt. No signal.

Even if it is minor, it is there, I have to see my girl by the end of the week… bad timing I guess.


I confirm it was only vein trauma, or just inflamation, nothing serious.

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