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Possible Injury Question

Possible Injury Question

Hey all, I’m new to the forums. Former lurker who decided it was finally time to join the community. :D

I started doing PE about 5 months ago and it’s come to my attention that I have been doing everything wrong. Everything. And, not surprisingly so, I ended up with an injury. My penis used to be very pliable and soft when flaccid but since I injured myself, possibly, it has started feeling rigid almost like I’m semi-erect at all times. Also, when I do get an erection it tends to curve HEAVILY to the left before straightening out some as the right side of my penis fills out. Lastly, and what has me most worried, lately I have only been able to ejaculate when I have a slight erection. If I have a full-on, amazing hard-on going I tend to hit a wall. I get the feeling of reaching orgasm but nothing comes out. Almost as if there is something blocking the ejaculate from exiting when I am completely erect.

I’ve researched around on the forums and the best explanation I could find was a possible thrombosed vein. I’ve been doing hot wraps and taking aspirin as a precautionary, but that still doesn’t explain why I am having such difficulty in reaching and maintaining an erection and when I do why I cannot climax normally.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

It might help us to know what type of PE you have been doing and if you have any idea yourself of what happened. Was it sudden or something that has been continually getting worse?

My PE routine included flaccid stretching, erect stretching, lots of dry jelqing, and some wet jelqing. I was also masturbating very regularly (2-3x a day, everyday) and smoking rather chronically.. Needless to say everything I was doing was wrong.

As for what happened, it was definitely sudden. I had done about 5 minutes of fully-erect jelqing with some stretching. I had amazing wood going so I figured I’d treat myself to a good ol’ jerk before bed. While masturbating I would get very close to orgasm and stop, not letting myself come, I did this three or four times. I finally decided to let ‘er fly and built up to a very strong erection, felt an incredible orgasm building, and when it came time to release it felt like it was ‘trapped’ inside of my penis, almost like putting your thumb over a hose. After that my penis looked more veiny than ever and when I stroked it it felt like there was something stuck or something blocking the natural ‘feel’ of things. Since then my penis has felt more rigid while flaccid but my erections have become weaker and inconsistent. There is no physical pain, but sex/masturbation do not feel as good as they used to. Hot wraps do help, but seem to provide only temporary relief.

Hope that helps, and thanks.

I would say stop all PE for awhile, except the hot wraps if you feel like it.

Stop forever doing erect jelqs and erect stretching.

The good news is that you didn’t hear or feel anything snap or break. Just give it a good rest for a couple of weeks to a month.

I think I might have isolated the problem. I noticed that when I am starting to become erect the right half of my penis becomes erect normally while the left half of my penis does not get completely erect, but rather curves left, until I get fully erect which is when it ‘evens out.’ Getting a full erection feels sore and uncomfortable. When flaccid, I can feel a cluster of more prominent veins on the problem side near the base/balls that I think might be causing the problem, almost like they are in a knot. Any insights would really helpful as I’m starting to get pretty worried. Thanks in advance guys!


A cluster of veins is something you’d have to see a urologist about, and likely surgery to correct. Have you made an appointment yet?

I probably used the wrong word to describe it. It’s not so much a cluster as in all together like a knot, I meant the veins near the base/balls are all really close together and more prominent and hard than anywhere else. There is not discomfort. I would say it’s just thrombosed vein[s] but I haven’t found anything here or anywhere else online saying that thrombosed veins would decrease one’s ability to get and maintain an erection.

The veins do however feel like they are “out of position” and I think that’s what might be blocking blood from entering/or leaving?

Thanks, MDC.

Veins would only affect incoming blood if they are somehow compressing an artery due to their size and location. With the description you’ve given, I’d suggest the Dr visit.

Have you given your penis a reasonable break from PE to see if things improve any?


Thanks for the reply.

Looking around the forums I have found a lot more information and I am starting to believe that it may be a lymph blockage. This was probably caused from using a bad grip during masturbation, gripping behind the balls and pulling forward probably pulled all kinds of stuff into the shaft. This thread: Lymph observations for pumpers and vacuum hangers seems to be right in line with the symptoms I’ve been having.

I’ve tried applying heat and very lightly massaging the area and I can feel fluid being moved around. Is massaging it dangerous? Is there anything else that would help “open up” a lymph blockage?



Sorry I didn’t have any other suggestions. Have your situation improved, or found any more info?

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