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Popped Vein?

Popped Vein?

I’ve been PEing for over a month and decided to add some uli’s to my routine. I’ve been doing them for three days so far. But last night, on of my veins burst under the skin. There is a blotch of blood under the skin, a bruise, that is pretty small, under a quarter inch in diameter. I was wondering what I should do about this!? I’m sorry I didn’t spend as much time searching as I usually do before I post to prevent re-posts, but this is sort of an urgent thing that is baffling me.

I’ve read some posts with this same issue, though. Which is better in this circumstance, heat or ice? Also, the generic question all of them ask, how long should I lay off PE? Some people said 2 days, while others said to wait until it completely goes away, which may take months. Any help in my condition would be appreciated.

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I had a much worse bleed with a cable clamp several months back. You do nothing at all. Your body will break down the hemoglobin and reabsorb it. Basically you have a “bruise”. The larger the bleed, the longer it will take to all be gone. You need to review your technique though to keep it from happening again.

The penis is a very vascular organ. It has amazing recovery capabilities. For example, most of the tiny red dots that newbies get (which are broken capillaries) are gone by the next day. You don’t need to do anything to make the bruise go away, but you need to avoid whatever it was that caused it. Especially in the same area or you could re-injure the vein. Giving yourself the same injury in the same place several times could cause a more permanent problem. Just take it easy for a day or two and it should get better.

Just for the record, for anyone searching for this. In my personal vein popping experience, I took one week off. Towards the end of the week I added a medium warm heating pad to help heal the damage. After a few days, I also began to massage the damaged area, very gently. After a week’s rest, there remained a very visible bruise, about the same appearance as when it first happened. Nevertheless, it wasn’t soar in the slightest bit. I figured that I would do some VERY light stretches and jelqing for a total of 10 minutes to work the blood around again. The next morning, when I woke up, the bruise was completely gone. This happened a while back, and I started up my normal routine since then. I am always conscious of the damage, but I did manage to recondition my unit up to the point where I left off.

I had this happen about a month ago while jelqing, it freaked me out so I toned down intesity for a few days.

After a couple days it disappeared.

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