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popped vein

popped vein

I believe I Just popped a vein. I had two spots where it turned purple on m ydick one is very small and the other is sort of small but a little bit bigger. When i stretched the skin the bigger one felt a little bumpy. It doesnt hurt normally but how long do you think I shoudl take off from pe. This is the first time I have had any injury in pe. Any help would be muchly appreciated.

That happened to me too. I stopped PE for a few days to a week. Use warm not too hot wraps. I applied some pressure to the vein and gently push it toward the tip of my penis. Yet after a few months the vein when back in its place. Whenever you see or feel pain or redness, I stop PE and give my dick a rest. If it does not correct itself, have a doctor check it out just to be safe. Good luck new PE buddy.

Good advice.

Here’s a good thread on dealing with injuries.

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The spots will go away in 1 or a couple days. More important is what caused the veins to pop. When your veins pop it usually means your veins are not conditioned enough for the exercise you’re doing.

........Blood under skin question.......

I got, what I think is a popped vein. A good amount of leaked blood under the skin.

The red/purple spot is about an inch wide (on a 2.5” dick). Looks real F’ed up.

How many days off of girth PE with this cost me?

How to get rid of the blood?

Well the vein ever heal completely?

With length routines alone still hurt the healing process?

I did search, but didn’t find much on this. It’s not a blister, bump,

a typical red spot or thrombosed. I do think the bleeding stopped.

I don’t think PE’ing while waiting for your dick to heal is a good thing to do. For your other questions see my previous post.

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