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Pop during Sex, Pain, Knot, and a Slight Bend

Pop during Sex, Pain, Knot, and a Slight Bend

(Yes, I’ve done searches, I just want to make sure I’m getting the most accurate help for my main man)

*The Pop*

A few months ago my partner was apparently riding cowgirl a little too enthusiastically when I heard a ligament pop. There was no immediate pain so I finished as usual.

*The Pain*

The next day and for the next two weeks there was noticeable discomfort in my ligs .. Particularly on the left side. At the time I was quite worried so I looked it up here and I saw that lig pops were very normal so I didn’t give it another thought and gave my PE routines a break for about 2 weeks.

*The Knot*

I had remembered reading about guys with fairly painful lig pops developing a small knot under the skin. Sure enough I developed one within a couple of weeks. Which has led me to believe that with some pops the ligament at least partially tears or breaks.

*The Bend*

Now Months later, I have lots of tightness and occasionally still have a little pain. Even though I continue to do light stretching, my ligs don’t seem to be loosening up. Before the pop I was able to point my cock nearly down to a six o’clock position at about 90-95% erection .. Now it hurts to even think about 4 o’clock.
It seems because of the tightness I have developed a slight upward bend located right where the pop occurred (where the ligs attach to the base of the penis).
I have to be fully erect for the bend to show up, but when I’m at full attention it’s very noticeable.
I’ve been doing mostly light V stretches (8./*) mixing in some light tunica stretching to even things out. I thought the V stretches would be directed on my ligs, but it hasn’t really helped loosen them up .. Instead apparently it may be inducing my bend.

*The Question*

From this whole experience I’ve LOST ~1/4 BPEL. My question for you guys is should I continue to PE? And if so what stretches should I or should I not do given my injury and my interest in relieving this tightness.


=========================== <<Initial Measurements>> BPEL: 7.25" | EG: 5.75" <<Final Goal>> EL: 8" | EG: 6.5" ===========================

I agree that it was a minor injury .. It’s not like my cock broke in half. It felt more as if it was only one strand that popped. Also it’s not so much painful now as it is tender.

I imagine it is best to consult an actual doctor on this one .. I honestly don’t see a doctor saying that he recommends me stretching/pulling on my cock in the first place. But I’ll check and see if my health insurance will somehow cover this. Better safe than sorry.

In the meantime, if someone is familiar with any “bend” theory .. Which way should you stretch to counteract a slight upward bend?

Up A-Stretch or down V-Stretch?

All advice is appreciated .

=========================== <<Initial Measurements>> BPEL: 7.25" | EG: 5.75" <<Final Goal>> EL: 8" | EG: 6.5" ===========================

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