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Please, please help

Please, please help

I have just completed a clamping session, which lasted about 15 minutes. Now usually when I finish and take the clamp off, my member stays engorged, however this time I took the clamp off it just seem like all the blood went from my member and I haven’t been able to get an erection ever since. I am really scared, and am frightened that I have caused some permanent damage.

Please any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,

I think you are just frightened. Your dick shrinking is a natural response to fear. If there is no pain I highly doubt anything happened to it.

Thanks a lot for the supportive feedback, I feel a little better now. I have just put some porn on and managed to get it up! It didn’t stay up particularly long, but I think this means that i haven’t torn my tunica or anything like that. Maybe I just need to rest and lay off the PE for a while.

Thanks again :up: ,

Please, could any more experienced members help me out? I don’t know whether it’s because of a panic or what, but ever since that clamping session I have been having problems maintaining an erection. Could I have had the clamp on too tight and caused some damage in my penis? I am really scared incase it’s permanent! Please help! Thanks.

Thanks a lot Thunder :up: . That’s really reassuring, especially coming from you. I also think it is in my head, because it was the first clamping session that I did after reading a thread, where a member said they had ruptured their tunica, so hopefully it’s just me being paranoid,

Thanks again Thunder :up:

Dammit Scratchy, I warned you to be careful…leave him alone for 5 days and see how he reacts to a half hour of Evil Pink..if he’s still broken - see a doctor.

…you won’t need one. Keep your clamping down to 5-10 minutes max if you feel your dick can’t handle it…:)

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When you get scared, panicky, you pump out a whole lot of adrenalin. That’s a sure erection killer.

You scared yourself. Once you get relaxed, you’ll probably be popping boners again.




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