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Please Help With Injury

Please Help With Injury

I have a question on an injury, I haven’t been able to find anything on it in the in Injuries / Treatments Forum, so I’m hoping someone can respond here.

First I would like to say this is a great site, I’ve been lurking for a while now and have learned more than I thought possible. It’s refreshing to actually find a site that tells the truth about PE, and I’m sure glad to learn it actually works. Again great site and thanks for sharing all your wisdom.

Back to the injury. It happened while I was doing a stretch routine (which I regrettably found on a different site). While I was stretching to the right I felt something tear or at least feel like a tear. It felt like a cord that was connected to my left nut peeled off my nut and is still hanging on the opposite end. Almost like a prune was peeled with the skin still hanging on the end for a lack of a better description. It didn’t hurt but now I get a sharp pain occasionally and a dull burning sensation at the point where it is still connected. It has felt uncomfortable ever since it happened. It’s hard to explain but it feels like my nut needs to be pushed back into its skin. It’s been about a month since it happened and its not getting any better. Please Help!



I think the best advice is see your doctor about this.

If you don’t want to tell him/her how it actually happened, just say it happend when having sex and your girl got too active.

But you had best get it seen to, or at least some advice.

Sorry I can’t be of much help but it looks like no-one else has heard of it before either.

DId you have an erection when it happened?

Sorry if I misunderstood what really happened but

were you stretching penis or your balls? I cannot imagine anything could happen with balls if you were just stretching penis really.

Could you explain how you were stretching exactly? It would be beneficial to know more details so other people could avoid injuries.

Petitfaun & Jeldingmaster, Thanks for your reply and here is a little more detail. I was semi erect (less than half) I wasn’t even pulling that hard. I was stretching my penis, pulling out while going in a circular motion. I wasn’t really pulling hard to increase length; it was more a part of warming up. I warmed up for
about five minutes with warm water (I was in the shower) then I did this just to loosen up a little before I started the regular stretch. I was doing the circular motion relatively fast (might be the problem) but not hard. Again it didn’t hurt when it happened but I defiantly knew something happened (like a snap). It still doesn’t hurt often when it dose it is usually just a dull achy or burning sensation. It is however always uncomfortable (like something hanging on my nut that shouldn’t be there. I also had a vasectomy approximately five months ago which may have something to do with it, I don’t know. Yes I know I should go to the doctor and I’m getting to that point, I was just hoping it would heal. I guess it’s just the dread factor.
You are correct jeldingmaster, everyone should be careful of this, I am a newby but have done a lot of searching since this happened and found nothing. I hope it is just a fluke with me as we have enough other injuries to watch for, but if someone has heard of this or has an idea of what might have happened I would sure appreciate a response.


I do the pull out circular excercise. I dont really see how anything could have happend unless you constricted some sort of vein that goes to the testes or you hooked/pulled on the vas deferens by accident.

A month is a long time for a small injury to heal, get it checked out as soon as possible. How much do you value your health, future children or life?

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Zap My knowledge of vasectomy’s is zero so all I can suggest is When they did the cutting did they put stitches in afterwards,

If so, it’s possible you have pulled that and it is causig pain,

Perhaps others who have had vasectomys can throw some light on this?


Look at the warning in my signature.. ‘nuff said.

Someone should really add a big freaking warning to the circular manual stretches IMO.

In any case, I got a lig injury from that.. Chances are you have the same, zap.
I would go see a doctor about it..
A lig injury (as always) takes pretty long to heal.. 2-3 months downtime (this means 1.5-2.5 months after the pain stopped!).

Good luck on your injury, zap.


edit: BTW I earnt myself the feeling you described when my (ex-)gf was riding me wildly, zap. I lost it when I “earnt” the lig injury I’m still recovering from.. Oh, and I “gained” nearly .5” from the lig injury while doing a rotating manual stretch (maybe something I ‘lost’ in the sex accident then?).

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That vasectomy you mentioned in the later post explains something. You need to go to the doctor. It wont heal itself.

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