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Please help, about the veiins.

Please help, about the veiins.

A have messed things up for my self and I would be really thankful if someone please would have some help. As you all know, the veins on the penis gets bigger and more visible (permanently) when jelqing. I had no problems at all with that, I thought that it just looked better than before. But later, when I tried a vacuumpump , I must have used it to hard. My veins now became very big and it didn’t look good at all. Since this were several months ago, and it still looks the same, I guess that this will last.

The veins are very visible, big and blue/purple in flaccid and even bigger and more visible in erection. If I stretch the skin, the veins gets really big and visible. All the veins shows, from the biggest one to the small purple ones (I didn’t even know that I had many of them before). It looks so bad that I can’t use public showers (at the gym etc.) or, in any circumstance, have my penis visible when there are one or more people around (that does of course include women). And when I think about the consequences of this, and that I haven’t even lived 1/3 of my life, it makes me so depressed.

Are there any way to reduce the veins on the penis? Are there any lotion? Any kind of massage or medicine that could help? The only method that I’ve came up with is some kind of surgery. As I understand it, a “girth” surgery involves a new layer of skin –over- the old one. I don’t know if this is true, but that would help in that case. The problem here is that that surgery demands that I cut my foreskin, which is something I don’t want to do because my glans looks very bad (a birhtmark there, what are the odds???), it would look strange. Over 3000 $ are also a problem. I haven’t been jelqing or done any PE exercises (except the kegels) since this happened. I guess jelqing isn’t a good idea after this, it would probably make the veins even bigger?! (horrible thought, the veins would probably be bigger than my penis, grotesque) Or could that possible be a solution, that the veins somehow get pushed back?

I know that “go and see a doctor” is the first advice, but please understand that saying “First I tried to enlarge my penis by my self, than I used a vacuumpump and BOOM, now my penis looks like crap” is pretty far away. Please, throw your wildest ideas at me, I’m really desperate! Anything that might work is really appreciated! I haven’t lost all hope, yet…

have u tried massaging over the veins. Cause that is what is recommeded with thrombose veins and of course rest take a break from PE

You may not have the big problem you think you do. A common result of PE over time is that veins/arteries often become more prominent and visible whereas they were not before; this may just be an indication that you have a healthier penile vascular system now than you did. If they are not raised and very hard to the touch (and you would easily know the difference from the feel of them), they’re probably not thrombosed, only functional blood pathways. You don’t mention having any erection problems or pain.

After a year and a half of PE, my cock has highly visible veins and arteries, small and large, all over the shaft. My veins have veins. Although these were a surprise when they started developing, I like the look very much: sort of like a “power tool”? :-) Doesn’t look at all like “crap” to me; it looks real virile but I guess this is a point of personal aesthetic taste.

To ease your mind, though, bite the bullet and see a urologist. He may just shrug his shoulders and say, “So what?” BTW, you are under no obligation to get into a discussion about doing PE with your uro, or any other doctor. Just ask the question that is on your mind: Is this normal? Any problem here, Doctor?

But if you decide you want to tell him you’ve been jelking/pumping, this should not come as any surprise to him because others of his patients are doing the same thing.



Aw damn, now I wish I never saw this thread, I’ve been PEing for about 2 weeks now and at first I was sore and my veins were really big but since then the swelling has gone and every thing has returned to normal until last week which will make it 3 weeks but 2 weeks of actual PEing anyway after a hard jelqing session I had about 10 red dots after a week of a break a started to jelq today and during my session I noticed that one of my veins was really hard and kind if sore when my fingers went over it, I don’t know if it is Thrombosed ( I hope I spelled that right ) or not but any info would be greatly appreciated also it’s on the right side of my penis and the hard part is only an inch long until it goes into my shaft and disappears.


I wish I knew more about thrombosed veins. Now and then, during a strenuous PE session, I’ll get an inch or so of vein or artery that becomes very hard (you cannot press into it; dent it, I mean), but it is painless. Odd thing is that I can easily massage the hardness out within a minute or two, having stopped whatever I was doing that caused that.

Seems to me that there is a major difference between a thrombosed vein and one that for whatever reason just goes into spasm. Guys with thromboses have to quit PE for long periods of time whereas these “spasms” are momentary, for me anyway, and are if little concern.

Anybody able to define the difference, if there is one?



Hey avocet8,

It seems to be doing better today than yesterday but it’s still there it’s not painful but is a little sore when I run my Fingers over it, also it seem’s to have come up just recently because on 7/05/02 it wasn’t there but just to be safe I will quit jelqing till it heal’s.

avocet8: Thanks for the encouraging words! Are your veins very visible at flaccid too?

Though, the reason I started to pump was that I had serious erectionproblems from the jelqing (haven’t had erection in the morning for over a year since I stopped jelqing, compared to 6-7 days a week before). It might look like “power” but it’s not much in reality.

I never had “thrombosed” veins, they have never been hard. I had a few red dots 2 or 3 times when jelqing, but I always stopped and let it heal for a few days than.
I guess I just managed to “enlarge” my veins by misstake. My erection has not been better or worse since the “pumpaccident”.

Do you think it’s a bad idea to start jelqing again? I mean, I really do want to continue with PE but I don’t want even bigger veins and even less erection.


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