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Please any one with similiar problems and know cure.

Please any one with similiar problems and know cure.

I have the exact same problem as this guy:

The guy goes on to explain pain in the left side of his penis and scrotum and thigh and lower abdominal; Also there is a reply from a doctor. Has anyone had this pain and know a cure or something that could help. Because i cant do jelq because this injury will not heal.

I also notice if a jelq for a few days in a row then the pain is greater and i seem to get premature ejaculation:( :( :( , sucks big time. I’ve had this injury for along time, i think even before PE and PE just brought the worst out in it.

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

P.S. This is an earlier thread i posted along time ago that might give more info:

long term injury and need answers please

In your last post you said you were going to see a doctor. You also said that a previous appointment with a Urologist, after you had waited six months, was missed. I think you need to quit seeking advice from the Internet and get yourself to the doctor.

Originally Posted by westla90069
First, a little background. Dr. Lin has set himself up as a men’s health guru specializing in the penis. He says manual PE methods are dangerous and promotes his pills and powders as being helpful on his many web sites (,,,,,,, etc.). Doctor Lin is not a physician. He is not a physiologist. He is not an anatomist. His doctoral degree isn't in medicine at all. Lin is civil engineer with a PhD. He apparently specializes in building bridges. Why he promotes himself otherwise is unknown.

From this excellent thread.

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