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Plea for help



Ok I don’t want to curse myself, but I had the vein embolised today, and everything seems good. The area where the penis was injected is a bit bruised which made getting a hardon a bit more difficult…but when I do, the head stays engorged!! I am very happy, but will have to give it a few days to have a proper trial run without pain/swelling…but I am very happy and confident everything is cool.

After seeing about 7 guys who said I had no problem, 1 guy listened. And it is all thanks to tenacious D that I found him. He was an interventional radiologist. He put me to sleep, and before he operated injected dye into the vein that I had said all along was leaking and others said wasn’t. He said it was GUSHING out, and was very rare, that apparently this vein hardly ever leaks since it is only superficial and not a main one…the main veins were fine…which is very lucky for me because hopefully there is now less chance of it reforming now that it is dead since it is ‘minor’. I really hope this doesn’t come back.

I feel like after 18 years I experienced my first ‘proper’ hard on tonight. Get your head around that!!

Tankyou SO MUCH Tenacious D you have changed my life and I wish you all the best, It sounds stupid over the internet…but we’re real people…and you have really helped me, in my real life…and I genuinely hope I can somehow repay you one day.

Finally I urge all you guys to be careful with your dicks. P.E didn’t cause my problem. But I desperatly don’t want any of you guys to have something like I had because of it. I don’t know if i can cause problems, but please be careful. You don’t know how good having a fully functioning dick feels after not having one for so long.

I will check back at this post over the next few days, but then I will never be back. I don’t want to think about my dick ever again now that it works. But, I still want to Thank this site so much. I didnt want it to enlarge my penis so to speak, but thats not why I was here, I wanted my erections fixed. And it played a huge part in solving this problem, thankyou thunders and thank you so very much tenacious D.

Wow what a great story with a wonderful ending, best of luck in the future Yataghan! Always practice safe sex mate, and enjoy yourself ;)

Congratulations, Yag!

regards, mgus

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No need to thank me. If you’ll just whisper, “Thank you TenaciousD,” just after you orgasm into a woman each time for the rest of your life, that will be thanks enough.

Just kidding. That is what this forum is about—each of us helping the others improve our lives, in whatever way we can. Your success is the forum’s success.

Consider checking back with the forum now and again—you never know who YOU might help.

Heartfelt congratulations and deepest regards,

Rock out with your cock out!

second the ‘wow’


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