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Permanent vein damage from PE?

Permanent vein damage from PE?

OK so I’ve posted in the Injuries and Treatments forum before, long time ago but now it appears I can’t anymore. So I’ll post here.

I’ve tried various PE approaches over the years on and off, mostly pumping but nothing as severe as clamping, have used both an air pump and a bath mate and I’ve always been pretty careful.
However there’s a couple unsightly things I’ve acquired that pretty much seem like they won’t go away no matter what I’ve tried.
It seems like two different problems going on. Nothing causes any pain or ever has, but I don’t like it :( I just wondered if anybody else had things like this happen.

The first is the big red veins, which you can see kinda branching out on top near the base. Now they don’t always look this bad- you can always see them, but they show up a lot more sometimes- I think when I take anything that dilates veins like arginine, or Cialis, things like that.
What really bothers me is the bulging spot. Its not hard or thrombosed that I can tell, all I can think of is the vein wall is somehow damaged.

The second is the lump up top near the head which I THINK is a lymph vessel. I included several pics because its just so weird- looks kinda big when flaccid but when you pull back the skin its not really, just several lumps in a chain. Now the weird thing about this is if I put ice on it it shrinks away almost completely, and hot water seems to make it swell. All of this is a lot less noticeable when its erect.

I’ve shown this to a urologist online, and he told me basically nothing, said it was an ‘enlarged vein’ and penises sometimes have those, end of story. So that was no help.
Anybody have either of these happen, and have they found anything that works to fix or are you screwed? I’ve tried vein cream, heparin.. A number of things nothing has made much difference so far.

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Its a pretty minor problem in the scheme of things, sometimes genetics can predispose a person to the appearance of superficial veins near the skin surface and leak out under pressure into the nearby tissue. They do have treatment for this with laser and chemical application; if the visual disturbs you. Treatments blanch out these vessels and then, they are reabsorbed by the skin, but skin cremes are fairly useless. To say they are, “big red veins branching out at the surface,” kind of overstates the condition, IMO. Your penis looks fairly normal, and if functionality has not been affected, its purely a cosmetic issue. They probably will diminish some over a long period, but never completely disappear but anything is possible. If you want to spend a thousand bucks you can get rid of them by the end of the week. The injury near the corona looks benign and superficial, so you’re good to go.

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Definitely a vein because ice is vasoconstrictor and heat is a vasodilater and they have the exact effects you are describing.

I personally wouldn’t just casually use heparin. Unless you are willing to go in and have them give you the full battery of blood clotting tests on a regular basis. To me it just seems risky for a cosmetic issue. Don’t get me wrong it sucks and it could mean that your physiology is predisposed to these types of things.

I have heard of damage due to penis pump but I am not sure the regimen you where doing and how intense it was.

However, I do notice that many porn stars their vein network is very prominent. It could be a side effect to PE that they are doing. In a sense you need that better blood flow for an increased penis size. If you aren’t doing any damage you might just want to own it and go for it. Have a large penis with prominent veins.

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Well, thanks but I really suspected sclerosing lymphangitis at the top, if you put that in Google or here’s another guy who has it, looks very much like what I’ve got:…61113221837.jpg
Which is kind of where a lymph vessel gets irritated or clotted so it doesn’t drain properly. Any way to tell for sure?

I don’t mind the big red veins so much as the bulging spot.
I figure there’s two possiblities 1) there’s a clot around there or 2) somehow I blew the vein (or lymph vessel?) walls and they became like busted so they ballooned out. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around 2 I just haven’t heard of that happening to anyone. And I’m a lot less reckless than many.
There’s a lot of talk about the SL lymph issue on the web and one of the remedies is a sort of draconian total 3+ month sex abstinence to let things heal where guys complain about atrophy and all kinds of misery.. But even then these same people say after that it comes right back when they resume things anyway. Screw that.
But maybe there’s something out there to help dissolve/clear up the area some without having to resort to surgery. There’s sclerotherapy but that’s too scary for me.. I don’t want to cut off any circulation that might be needed.
I’m really tempted to try something called Lymph Cleanse but I’d rather some kind of topical right on the spot, I just haven’t seen anything like that.

Well anyway I’m up for any other suggestions if anyone else has come across either of these before. I’m sure seeing pictures looking around online but not hearing much from anyone who had it and what they did about it.

Until you hear otherwise or you get other symptoms I would lean towards what the urologist told you.

Normally sclerosing lymphangitis is tender to painful. It resolves by itself over time. They aren’t even sure if abstaining from sex or masturbation will speed up healing.

So if you don’t feel anything why treat it as sclerosing lymphangitis. If you do feel something then dial back PE if the pain increases. There are a bunch of home made remedies that really don’t seem that effective in treating it.

Why treat something you might not even have, with something that probably won’t even work?

I would just go about my normal business of making my penis larger until my body told me otherwise.

This of course is my opinion and we each have our own risk/reward ratio.

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Hi jlelend,

I’m from Spain so my English isn’t very good. But I’m going to try to write and explain as well as I can.

Now I am 20 years old and when I was 16 I appreciate some rare veins in my left testicle (same as your penis, but in my testicle) so I told my mother (she’s a doctor) and we went to the urologist. He told me that I had varicose veins (in Spanish = varicocele or varices en los testículos). If you put in Google ”varicose veins testicle” appear a lot of hard pictures but don’t panic. In my case is not advanced and I have a normal testicles (but with my veins a little bit marked).

Doctor told me that there are a lot of men who don’t know they have varicose veins in their testicles or they penis, because they are not visible to the naked eye. When I started doing PE, I saw how the veins of my dick started to being more marked and appear the same case than you. In principle, they are harmless. Only if you have pain in your penis or in your testicles you have to be operated.

I don’t know if your case is the same of mine, but maybe. Best thing you can do is going to the urologist. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say you.

Good luck.

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