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Permanent Brown Spots On Shaft PIX

Permanent Brown Spots On Shaft PIX

Hi There!

I’m not posting much usually, since I still consider myself as a newbie.:)
Recently I’ve started to see some gain, approx 0.5cm in length, which I’m really happy with..

I’m more concerned about some dark/brown spots that have started to appear on the left side on my shaft,
I gave my dick some rest for approx 10days but they don’t seem to go away.I was thinking maybe it’s because
Of my left hand grip when jelqing that may have been too tight..

Anyway, anyone seen those before? Anything to get rid of these? These seem to appear in the middle of
Small capillaries, like a little vein kind of burst.problem is I never saw any red spot or something before, it’s like
It went to this light brown right doesn’t hurt, it just doesn’t look too good, that’s all.:)

I don’t know if I should take a longer break.or if I’m doing something far I’ve only been doing the newbie routine.

I’ve seen some posts about that already but nobody posted pix, so I thought it would help others too!
Any help appreciated!!


PS: I would have posted this in the injury forum but for some reason I don’t have the right to post there :)

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In answer to your PS:
1 - 30 posts: You can start a thread only in Newbie.
31 - 300 posts: You can start a thread in Newbie and everywhere else EXCEPT for Main

You can always start your thread and ask for a MOD to move it. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

You talking about the two or three freckle looking things?

Or the general ‘bronzing’ of your unit? Bronzing is normal, if you don’t like it search for ‘shedding the snake’ here and you’ll get direction to return your unit to it’s NIB pinkness.

The freckles I can’t help you with.

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Hey AndroNYC :)

I’m talking about the freckle looking things :)
Regarding ‘bronzing’, my dick always looked like that, so it’s not some effect of PE :)

Thanks CockKent for moving the thread!!


Anyone had those before? Did they diseapeared with a little break from PE?

I really don’t know what to do.should I continue jelqing or wait longer to see if they go.

I have ONE of those on my shaft, it is bigger and a bit darker than your but I’m very sure it’s the same thing.

I got mine when I was a younster, I had just started “spanking the monkey” and must have gone a bit hard. Burst a little tiny blood vessel in the skin. It went red, then now it has turned into a brown freckle looking thing, just like yours. In your picture I can see that each spot is right in the middle of a blood vessel (the tiny vessels on the skin).

It’s nothing to worry about, yours look fine; I think mine actually makes my cock look unique, like having a birth mark sort of…

dgrey10115, just a heads up, PE will most likely give you some skin pigmentation or coloration like we call it, as time goes by. This is very relative to how your skin heals and such. So just be aware that this may happen. Specially with clamping & squeezes. There are however, several things you can do to try to avoid this. you can do peels, or you can buy creams/serums that prevent melanin pigmentation from producing. Formation of melanin occurs usually in continuous and harmonious fashion in the skin and hair. But under certain conditions and under the influence of certain factors (such as PE), pigmentation disorders can occur and can lead to hyper pigmentation (IE. freckles, chloasma, age spots). Do a search on this matter and you should find plenty of answers.



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I didn’t have any of these before, but after PEing over a year I started to get some. Now I have quite a lot of them. I consider them a pretty normal thing, as long as they feel okay.

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My bad for bringing back a dead thread but this has been a concerning issue for me.
I have two small brown freckles and small black pinprick spots on my shaft. All probably due from hard jelqing and not enough lubrication. The brown spots I’m talking about use to be black and I’d assume they were bruises from too much skin friction from jelqing. It took time for it to heal but it lead to brown spots like the OP pic( I think it’s hyper-pigmentation) and they do not go away.

I’ve been looking searching for solutions on countless threads: Most said just to stop PE and let it heal. Now it already healed but it left permanent brown spots that’s been there for a few months.
I’ve been reading the “shedding the snake” thread and one used wart removal to remove discoloration and to acid peel the dark areas of the skin and I’m about try the same thing.

I was wondering if anyone had encounter the same issue as the OP and able to remove these brown freckle like spots and willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Thank you.

I’m also facing a similar issue, the dark spots are very prominent, I have about 7 to 8 spots on the length of the penile shaft.

I’m an active masturbator and also do jelquing excercises while in the shower or use oils in the process.

Does anyone know how to get rid of these dark. Spots

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Originally Posted by Ameet
I’m also facing a similar issue, the dark spots are very prominent, I have about 7 to 8 spots on the length of the penile shaft.
I’m an active masturbator and also do jelquing excercises while in the shower or use oils in the process.
Does anyone know how to get rid of these dark. Spots

Did you get those spots spots as a result of PE, or have you had them all of your life? They kind of look pretty permanent to me.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Have those spots ever stopped anyone from having sex?

I haven’t had these since birth. They started to appear in the last 7 odd years especially after jelqing on and off over the years. I’m 38 years of age. Could these dark spots have any correlation to age.

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