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Penis Stretch Pop

I am going to the doctor, I’ll tell him what I was doing thats no problem, I’m ok with admitting I was stretching it. I think my best idea is to completely lay off my penis for the next two months or so (seeing a uro next week tho) and see if it ‘heals’ up, my brain included.

That’s a good idea. Come back in 2 months and let us know how it goes.

Originally Posted by DR Pepper

Speaking of ligs.I’m a physician and just joined today because I have a question. Thinking of using combo of hydrocortisone cream and DMSO on the lig area in order to soften collagen based tissues for easier lower force stretching.. No hanging 40lbs.. Perhaps some experienced members could offer opinions.

All my best,


Hey Doc.

I have used a lot of DMSO and there are side effects. Notably burn like scarring of the skin.

Dilution can help with this but you can’t dilute too much or you’ll reduce it’s efficacy( I only used that word cause your a Doc:) )

And it burns like hell on the nut-sack.

This not to say I’m not interested in this approach. Do you think topical application will actually penetrate the ligs? Wouldn’t much of the DMSO be taken up by blood and circulated out of the area?


I do find it somewhat interesting that this was put in the ‘injury/treatments’ section, when ‘lig popping is common’.

True.. I see uro tomorrow!

I wouldn’t be surprised if your uro doesn’t know what you are talking about when you tell him you experienced a lig pop.

It seems to me that most guys that see a Doc for PE related items don’t get much satisfaction.

I’m just going to describe what happened, not my or others diagnosis. I’d like some tests done. Shall see.


Tests on your penile ligaments popability?

Sorry I found that hilarious.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.


Sorry about the delay, thought the post was dead and my question was a little off topic anyway. DMSO is a skin irritant, no guestion. However, the skin does get used to it. I’ve used 70% and it burned at first, but after 2 weeks it was not noticeable. It is known for it’s skin penetrating abilities, which is why I was considering using it to help get the hydrocortisone deeper as well. It carries other molecules with it when it penetrates. The ligs are fairly close to the surface so theoretically we could get to them. Both hydroC and DMSO weaken collagen so the combo may be effective. I was going to mix a 99.9% DMSO with 2.5% hydrocortisone cream into a paste and apply it regularly. It may work very well so I was going to stretch BTC by hand at first and then use monty’s peweights all day, so I could feel whats going on before hanging real weight. I was going to apply it at the penis insertion, 1 1/2 inches up the body, and 1 inch down the penis twice a day. As you said avoid the scrotum. Let me know what you think. Also any other opinions are welcome.


Sooooo I went to the Uro!!

Let me just start off with, you guys were right.

The doc said basically it is “very hard to damage the penis flaccidly.. It is meant to take a beating (no pun intended), it’s made withstand being stretched, pulled, pushed, hit, etc.”

He said the injuries to most worry about is when penis is erect, it is much more subject to damage, but still can withstand a decent amount.
A real injury, would result in pain, and bruises at the least.

So I further asked so what was the pop noise then? He said it was probably a ligament. I asked if the ligament tore if there would be pain. He said there would probably be bruising and pain. I also asked if it was the tunica that maybe popped. He said that that would have definitely made a bruise.

He basically said, even if you did get an injury, it heals just like anything else on your body. But he doubts I got an injury.

He also gave me advice on less alcohol, no drugs/marijuana, more cardio, and have fun. He didn’t do any doppler tests or anything, but he didn’t seem all that worried with what I was worried about. So thats basically it, I’m still glad I went to the doctor. I should have done it a long time ago. If any of you feel you did something, please go, they know lots of people who do crazy shit to their penis, they’ll understand.

I was actually surprised he said it was probably a ligament, without me saying anything about it. That made me feel better. And if the ligament torn my penis would be facing downward when hard. Oh two other really funny things, he said you can’t really damage the tunica flaccid unless you have a chainsaw. And you can’t really damage the ligament unless you have a sledgehammer. To help those with understanding it’s strength.

All in all I feel better, but I am closing the book on penile stretching, sorry. I just don’t want any future complications. I am going to take viagra next few times I have intercourse and that should boost my confidence later on and I won’t need it any more, which is what he said.

Most importantly I gotta say be careful to those who jelq, especially since most of those methods are done half erect or some times advanced while erect. Don’t do it, if you wan’t to reduce any chance of injury, do everything flaccid as can be. Good luck all. Now it’s time to enjoy the sun.

No offense, but your in no position to give advice on PE. You came here for information because you don’t have experience or a knowledge base.

The lig “pop” is no more than a sudden, forceful re-orientation of the ligaments, reacting to changing angles from stressing and possibly indicating success at lenghthening.

And frankly, I’m astonished you’re still worried about stretching after what the Doc said.


Hey Pepper

My skin got used to the irritation after a time( no real pain), but I believe the scarring can persist. Maybe not a problem if you can hide the area with hair(groin), but I’m leery of using it on the shaft.

You have me interested in this though, and I think I’ll experiment too.

We’ll need a new thread for this- sounds like fun!



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